A Smart Choice Just Became a No-Brainer: Introducing Tesla Motors Leasing

At Tesla we believe that the future of the automobile is electric. The revolutionary Roadster is a first great step in that direction. We took an uncompromised approach to designing and building the Roadster to show that an electric car could surpass gas-powered cars in design, performance, durability, and plain driving fun. Many Roadster owners around the world tell us the car has to be driven to be believed, and after living with the Roadster they can never go back to an old-fashioned car. They are our most powerful spokespeople, and they share our mission to bring increasingly affordable electric cars to the mass market. We are also revolutionizing the ownership experience – from our company-owned stores to mobile service rangers that make house calls.

We want driving enthusiasts to experience the Roadster, but we recognize that purchasing a new car, even a revolutionary one, is a big decision. To make that decision a lot easier I'm happy to announce Tesla Motors Leasing. Drivers can now experience uncompromised design, performance and breakthrough technology with the benefits of ease of ownership, flexibility and the peace of mind that leasing provides.

We hope that a comprehensive lease program will allow even more people to experience what the Tesla Roadster has to offer. The relative low cost of electricity vs. gasoline and the low maintenance needs of Tesla's electric motor are some of the benefits of leasing a Roadster over a traditional internal combustion engine car. There are additional benefits: no stops at the gas station, no oil changes or exhaust system repairs. Tesla Motors Leasing also includes service from our groundbreaking Tesla Rangers team. Our mobile service team will come to your home or office to perform service and hardware updates.

To get ready for Spring, we have ordered a limited selection of Roadsters in our most popular colors with our most popular options. Right now, you could drive home from a store after finalizing your lease. Now what are you waiting for?





If your are right about the future mileage range( 400-600 miles) and cost ($20K -$30K) with a battery cost of $5K, then I can't see anyone buying anything else but an EV built by Tesla. At those dollar amounts and driving range, even at a recharging rate of 5 miles/ hr with the standard recharging cable & home hookup, Tesla S should outsell every other car in the world. Based upon my own weekly driving of about 400 miles, I could easily live with owning a Tesla without the 'mileage anxiety' that have made me and others like me hesitant in buying a Tesla with a base range of about 160 miles. With a range of over 400 miles/charge, even at $50,000 The Telsa S becomes a very attractive vehicle to buy.


Lazlo: short answer to most of your questions is: there has not been enough time.

Type S is still just a prototype. Next type after that is just something that Tesla is planning to do.

AFAIK Type S will be ready 2013 or late 2012. Not sooner. And _after_ that is time for car that everybody can afford (well, anybody that can afford a car, that is).

Based on battery development I estimate that by then you can get 400-600 mile range vehicle with about $5000 battery. Actual car has to be build around that, so I think it will cost around $20k-$30k or something like that.