Tesla Impresses in Scandinavia

One hectic week in June was all it took for the Tesla Roadster to make a lasting impression in northern Europe.

First stop was Norway where the environmental organization Bellona had invited Tesla Motors to show the roadster to European VIP’s at the C8 Climate Summit. The interest was overwhelming and VIPs like the former Norwegian PM Gro Harlem Brundland, international environmentalist Fredric Hauge and a number of CEO’s from the major oil companies took the roadster for an enjoyable spin.

At the Technical University.Modifying the mobile connector totake 32A instead of 12A.

Next stop was the Norwegian capital Oslo. A number of lucky Tesla customers got a chance to drive their future sports car for the first time. Tesla stole the show at the central square, even though the competition from regional summer attractions was immense, on this beautiful Norwegian summer Saturday.

US Ambassador James Cain and Tesla Director of Corporate Affairs Diarmuid O’Connell

Sunday Tesla arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark, where impressed professors from the Technical University took a look at the car. The battery and on board control software, in particular, made the jaws drop. Tesla was welcomed as an important milestone in the evolution of the electric vehicle.

Monday the US Ambassador James Cain hosted a reception at his amazing seaside residence in honor of Tesla. Many local VIP’s got first rides, and a number of cars were sold at the occasion. The press absolutely loved the car, and Tesla got 12 minutes primetime in the Danish Today Show, front pages in national newspapers plus articles in Car magazines, lifestyle magazines and financial newspapers.

The appeal of Tesla on the Scandinavian market is not only due to the fact that the vehicle is emission free, silent and great fun to drive. The Scandinavians have high environmental awareness. Electrical cars also get to drive in bus-lanes, get free parking and road tax but most importantly – they don’t get taxed on sale in many Nordic countries. In Denmark particularly, new cars can be taxed up to 180 percent. The Tesla costs about the same as a BMW 5 series as a result of the tax break for electric cars.




Here´s the link to the first buyers in Sweden, http://www.svd.se/naringsliv/motor/artikel_1675761.svd
Svenska Dagbladet roughly translated to Swedish daily news is one of the major newspapers in Sweden.
A reporter from the same newspaper claim it´s a bit heavy to steer in lower speeds and question the longlivity of the battery,
otherwise positive and compare the car with Porsches.

Michael Kastberg

Oh yeah, not to mention, that gasprices in Denmark are about double up that of the US. If americans think they have a hard time with climbing gasprices, then try to imagine what its like here :-/

henriette melch...

Hey Tesla team
We are 3 danish female designers working with Fair Trade and sustainable design.
In an interwiev given today, we have just pointed out - your wonderfull car, which we love for the design and the technical achivments. Now the newspaper ask if it is possible to get a picture of us and the car!!!!
The question made us browse the web and we realize that just maybe there is a TESLA in Denmark at the moment, The technical universitet is just next door to our workshop....
Are you still around??
And would it be possible to get at picture?

Best of all
Fair Trade Designers
Pil Bredahl, Liselotte Risell and Henriette Melchiorsen