Tesla Receives a Royal Welcome as it Opens Monaco Store


The Principality of Monaco is a perfect home for Tesla Motors, and on Tuesday November 24th we opened our doors in a regal way in the heart of Monte Carlo and the Carre D’Or. H.S.H. Prince Albert II, a devoted car enthusiast and environmentalist joined CEO Elon Musk to cut the symbolic ribbon officially opening our store. Musk thanked his Highness for his commitment to sustainability and for his unwavering support of Tesla Motors. Other guests adding glamour to the event included Prince Bernhard of Holland, former Formula 1 driver Heinz-Harald Frentzen, and noted television host, Margaux Lafitte.

A customer car and 2 EU marketing Roadsters

Boulevard des Moulins

A Home Connector at the Store

Monaco is the perfect base for Tesla sales and service in Southern Europe. Neighboring France and Italy, our mobile service teams are a quick trip away from many European cities, and many nearby states offer generous incentives for people looking to make the switch to electric vehicles.

H.S.H Prince Albert II and Elon Musk

Prince Albert II & Elon Musk

Elon Musk with TV Reporters

Dozens of journalists were on hand to report the occasion as the excitement built throughout the evening. We presented a brand new Roadster to François Xavier Moutel who runs a French renewable energy development company and a French staffing agency. Frederic Pucheu, who recently launched a electric vehicle rental company in Toulouse, signed an order for his very own Tesla Roadster.

Next time you find yourself in Monaco, please pay us a visit!

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I think the "news" about Monaco is simply that Tesla is growing and expanding, not only in the US but internationally.

Additionally, in response to the ranting above, I care. I want Tesla to succeed, and I want to own one, someday. I'm willing to wait. Let's face it, America's big three, and Asia's Big (whatever number) and Europes Big (whatever number) haven't exactly set the world on fire, in terms of innovation in the electric car world. Tesla did it right by making the first hit flashy and pizzazz...it got attention...it got results. They're based in SoCal, where, it so happens, some people can afford the Roadster. (Evidenced by the number of sales and the number of deposits for future sales.) Did you catch how many Model S down payments have been made? I won't quote a number, in case I remembered it wrong, but it had a comma.

Which brings us back to Monaco...who cares? Well, perhaps the people of Monaco do. Not your world or mine? So? Who cares? I'm not buying a $100,000 Lambo instead of the Roadster. I'm not buying a $60,000 Mercedes, either. The Blue Star is lining up to be more in my price range, and I'm willing to wait. The early adopters get the splash, and they pay off the development costs. Thus ever with new technology. So be it. And, Monaco happens to have one or two "early adopters," ie, people with money. Monte Carlo ring a bell?, Monaco is Small But Rich (tm), and is a great place for Tesla, who's making Few But Pricey (tm) cars.

So, Timo, please wait patiently. Like the rest of us.


Thanks CM for the correction. I also confused with Timo's post now it is cleared.Thanks!