Tesla Store Los Angeles

Last week we opened our first ever Tesla Store in Los Angeles on Santa Monica Blvd.

The Tesla Roadster is a revolutionary car and our Tesla Stores will be no less revolutionary as an automotive retail experience.

Store Front

What’s so different? Well, pretty much everything, but here’s the main idea. We want to create welcoming spaces, where our guests feel comfortable and in their element. And we want to create a sense of unity about the whole operation where there’s no wall of separation between the showroom and service.

One of the very first things you’ll notice about our new store is that the service area is side-by-side with the showroom and connected to it in a very open way. Service actually has the bigger window onto Santa Monica Blvd. Electric cars are cleaner around the shop. Less oil, no fumes. We knew our service area would be a showpiece, so we figured: why not put it out front where everyone can see? Plus, it just fits with our feeling that more public transparency is a good thing.


Service Area

The same is true in a way with the showroom experience. In the traditional car-buying world, the object of the seller is control.

Control of information and control of you, from the minute you get on the lot until you finally pull yourself free. As a manufacturer, our approach will be radically different. We feel it’s our job to build products that you fall in love with. So when you come to the Tesla Store we want to be completely transparent and be as accommodating as possible.We like to think it’s our job to get out of the way and let the car do the talking, then help out wherever we can. In that kind of environment, you have the space to decide for yourself if this is the right car for you.

Look for our next store to open at Stanford in the San Francisco Bay Area this summer.




I recently read in an LA Business publication that Tesla Motors announced plans to begin production in southern California. One detail that I can not remember or track down at the moment is if this was going to happen at an existing Boeing facility or it it is to be a newly constructed building. What do you know about this?


from woodbridge ontario ,canada.....we will love to have a dealership in woodbridge ..let me know what i need to do ....... thank you


Congratulations! My Wife and I eagarly await a location on the east coast of the US! Hope we can help you grow the market.