We have begun regular production of the Tesla Roadster

In my last posting on this blog I emphasized that my primary goal as the new CEO of Tesla Motors was to get the car on the road. The potential of this company is vast but it is dependent on meeting our commitments and that starts with delivering the 2008 Tesla Roadster to our customers.

Since my previous communication we have obtained all the required regulatory approvals for the sale of the Roadster in the US and delivered the first production Tesla Roadster. We also set at that time a date of March 17th 2008 for the start of regular production of the Roadster. I am pleased to report to you that we have met this commitment and have begun regular production.

While this is an important milestone for the company and a watershed for the new era of electric vehicles, we still have a lot of work to do. Our key focus with the Roadster will be on gradually ramping up our production in a deliberate and controlled manner reaching a rate of over 100 Roadsters per month early next year.

At this point our attention is expanding into the sales and service arena marked by the opening of our Los Angeles store and Menlo Park store in the near future. We are determined to provide a customer sales and service experience that will not only raise the bar to the automobile business but will far exceed the best available anywhere.

Our customers have been a key part of this journey to date, staying engaged and loyal as they have watched us closely through our development process. We plan on rewarding this loyalty by delivering a revolutionary car and providing a level of service that inspires confidence and a sense of association with a company that really cares.

With this milestone, the Tesla Roadster is the only zero emission electric vehicle in production today – this is in stark contrast to the others who only talk about their future plans. Tesla’s remarkable achievement validates the vision, ingenuity, hard work and commitment of Tesla’s employees.

Tesla will further expand its existing technological lead as we build and deliver thousands of Roadsters per year. With innovative EV technology, a strong brand, and being ahead of the pack, Tesla has established an extraordinary platform for future success.

Ze’ev Drori
President & CEO
Tesla Motors




i hope to earn money and buy one... someone)
thnx to tesla


At last!

We've been waiting for you since almost a century...

Charles Jones

Tesla Motors needs to decrease the weight of the vehicles it is producing and the way to do this is to learn more about Buckypaper being layered together to be stronger than steel, I esp. am concerned with those steel cans for each cell in the battery packs and because I do not know the weight of the 6,831 steel cans. Just how much does that weigh not the battery total of 992 lbs.. I see the vehicle total weight as Curb weight (lbs/kgs): 2723/1238 but how much could be saved by not using the 6,831 steel cans? What I am getting at… Have you seen the article, [Future Planes, Cars May Be Made of Buckypaper; Friday, October 17, 2008 12:29 PM; http://www.newsmax.com/science/tec_buckypaper/2008/10/17/141478.html]?

Why not eliminate all that heavy steel your using and add more battery power for adding another electric motor to the rear-end on those electric cars your making. BluWav Systems LLC [http://www.wavecrestlabs.com/] has two in their unit and they have electric motors in the wheel hubs so anyone could make a four wheel drive vehicle or a Hybrid Electric Cra with either a Hydrogen or CNG Natural Gas Recharge unit Fuel-Cell. I would like to see a portable recharge Fuel-Cell unit so to service emergencies on quick charges and this is also adding to our capability to serve power following a tornado or hurricane disaster. Can the Tesla Motors Team get this additional features for everyone, not that I could afford a vehicle that your selling right now so maybe you tell me how much you will drop the price to me and I will tell you if I cannot afford that solution but you then have it ready for everyone else that could afford those prices. Theres no manufacturing facility to look for employment in Alabama named Tesla Motors so that idea is a bad idea sorry I brought it up. Make a very long distance electric motor scooter with 60mph capability for Tesla Motors to undersell the Chinese and Japanese imports into America, Some Chinese Motor Scooters here cost $1,995.00 or $1,795.00, please be cheaper than that and learn more about Buckypaper.