Vote for new functionality Tesla Model S Carplay & Siri Eyes free

Im so excited I just ordered my Tesla......I consider my self a tech junky I hate when my technoligy doesn't work as expected or don't integrate with each other.....I hope Tesla considers adding Carplay or Siri Eyes free to the capabilities of the currently shipping Model S http://www.apple.com/ios/carplay/?cid=wwa-us-kwg-features-com http://www.apple.com/ios/siri/ these are amazing feature allowing me to integrate my life. Has anyone seen any news on that?

If you walk into my house everthing is voice activated I can open doors, turn on lights, play music, operate my TV, and take a call, all via voice control. Currently working on other great integration but I need my Car to have voice control intigration with my phone and my touch screen. Carplay will get me started I could voice control my text messages, emails, calls, music, time, sport scores, directions, and more... Please Please add this intigration even Honda, Hyundai, and Mercedes will retro fit 2014 cars with display.


I don't think it's a democracy.

Wow I hope you don't sing something like "Hot hot hot" in the shower.

@dramingly I'm pretty sure you're right.
@barryfins Go to TeslaTap.com and post what features you would like to see added.

Whatever integration they add with Smart phones, they should ensure the same functionality works with Android, Windows Phone, and iPhone.

I hope they don't set something up that is more geared towards the iPhone. Car/phone interfaces are essential but they need to be standards-based.

I definitely don't want some Siri/Apple based interface that works only with iPhones. iOS stopped being the most widely used Smartphone OS a year ago and car interfaces need to work with the vast majority of smartphones in use.


You can't use Carplay or Siri eyes free with Android or Windows Phone because those are Apple technologies. Until Android and Windows Phone come out with similar functionality, you can't expect Tesla to support something that doesn't exist. However, the iPhone does have these features and they absolutely should be integrated.

If you use Windows Phone or Android and don't like the idea of Tesla supporting Carplay because it's an Apple technology, I suggest you shoot an email over to Microsoft or Google and ask them to get on the ball. This is not about Tesla endorsing one mobile OS over another, it's about supporting technologies that actually exist and are used by customers.

@WEB_SRFR well said. The Tesla has to be agnostic. Support for the 3 major phone operating systems need to be equal.

Apple is not the only company with this integration technology.

Android has one and Microsoft will be announcing their system too. When phone interfaces are integrated, all available systems should be integrated. I personally use Android and don't ever see myself buying an iPhone but I want Windows Mobile to be supported as well because I understand different people have different preferences.

As Kimscar said, car interfaces must support all 3 major phone operating systems. I definitely don't want some Siri based nonsense I will never use to be the primary interface or be expected to use an iPhone for the best integration.

The Android car interface supports the same functionality so when they integrate the Apple interface, they need to also integrate the Android interface and the Windows Phone interface when that comes out.

"What's in my pocket?"

Find the Ring that rules them all.

Yes. BUT, you should email service@teslamotors.com and request the feature. The more people who do it will have a greater impact than posting here.

One line shy of a Haiku there, Brian!
May I suggest a last one:

My car's a Mor-door.

Beyond silly. I have a fully automated house too, Apple Savant at its core, very happy with what it does there, but the last thing we need is Apple-specific apps in the Model S.

I would very much like to see Siri/Apple CarPlay in the Tesla. :D Please make this happen!

I really don't see why there needs to be hate about wanting integration of that OS's feature. I think the fact that the MS runs on Linux is proof enough that the engineers at Tesla are at the very least not biased towards Windows or Mac OS / iOS.

After all, Tesla offers their app for both iOS and Android; and I have little doubt that they're working on one for Windows Phone too (there's already an unofficial one floating around anyway).

I'm sure that IF they do decide to offer this kind of integration, it won't be one type to the exclusion of the others. After all, there's an "Apps" section in your Tesla's on-screen display for a reason.

That said, I really would prefer having greater control over my iPhone's music than the barebones bluetooth controls that are there now. I'm not very impressed by Slacker, since my music tastes are more ecclectic. Nor do I want to bother with exporting my music to a USB flash key drive, when it's already there on my phone. And I'd have the same preference for control of my music, if I owned an Android.

Also, being able to export destinations from my smartphone (regardless of OS) to the on-screen GPS should definitely be there.

I live in an apple quarantine zone. Partitioned technology isn't in anyone's best interest in the long run.

I brought up my dislike for Apple iOS on another thread here.

I was informed by someone that the Apple interface for cars does not necessarily take over the whole car. It just brings the functions of the phone to the car's display, once the phone is paired or synced. That way you don't have to hold the phone in one hand, you can just touch the main interface to access functions of the phone.

As a result, the Tesla OS menu system would be unchanged, and would function normally otherwise. It would simply 'look like a giant iPad', when tied to the phone. If that is the case, I have no issues with it at all. Bring it on.

Let's hope that similar functionality is offered for Android and Windows phones as well. It can only make driving that much more convenient and safer for all. It is the responsibility of Google and Microsoft to make that happen, and I'm sure Tesla Motors would gladly work with them when it is ready for integration.

People who think iOS is no longer dominant are lost in the stats. Yes, Android has taken the world by storm but that's because of huge sales in third world countries. In rich countries (U.S. at the top) Apple is still very much dominant. There would be little question that the vast majority of Tesla owners are iPhone users.

Here's a recent graphic to put things in prospective for those blowing the Android trumpet.


+1 vote for CarPlay and Siri Eyes Free. I emailed Tesla about this some time ago and they said they'd consider it. Elon also mentioned supporting this type of remote display technology during a pow-wow in Norway (in addition to an SDK for native apps). Agree that Tesla should also adopt the equivalent Android and Microsoft remote-display technologies once they come out of concept mode ;) And I'm not being facetious here, for example Microsoft did demonstrate something very similar to CarPlay this week at their developer conference, but it was just a proof of concept. In fact, the concept crashed during the demo, and you could see that the code behind it was just displaying buttons - a complete mock-up, so it'll be a long long time before they catch up to Apple's offerings. Don't want to get into any platform debates here, but there is no denying that Apple is the leader right now, and its inevitable that everyone will follow in their footsteps and hopefully even improve upon Apple's implementation. The point is, Tesla should not wait until all three have a remote display solution ready. They should adopt Apple's asap, and then work on the others as they come along. a

Neither Android nor Microsoft have competing technologies to Siri eyes free and Carplay. It just doesn't exist. If Tesla were to implement something, naturally it could only implement Apple's stuff first because Apple is the only company that actually has these technologies. Vaporware doesn't factor into this discussion.

Now, upon the front of native Apps for Tesla OS, I'd like to see implementations of VLC Media Player, XBMC, and maybe Plex as well. Each of those interfaces is vastly preferable to iTunes or Windows Media, in my opinion. Their video functions would only be available when stationary, of course. Remote access via streaming cloud services is cool and all, but for those times when internet access is unavailable, it would be nice to be able to plug in an SSD via USB to view my own media.

Wow didn't expect to start an argument. I do agree that all mobile OS's should be supported and all of the OS makers already have a version that runs on cars part of the automotive alliances

Currently only runs on ford cars and trucks and is know as my ford touch or mysync based on the model..Windows also connects via a software made by RIM

Is part of the heads up automotive alliance thus you have a version of google maps on almost every car the also have a platform called "Project Mode" or infotainment system (based on Audi name)


I just think we should all have the choice of device we want to connect to our Tesla... Based on the configurations of Teslas systems all three can be supported and should be supported...

so with that said have every one you know that would love to own a Tesla to email service@teslamotors.com post at TeslaTap.com or anything we can do to get the process started...

FYI from Tesla

Hi Barry,
Thank you for contacting Tesla Motors. Currently we do not support Carplay or Siri Eyes. I have created a feature request on your behalf that would bring this ability to the Model S. If you have any further questions please feel free to email or call us back anytime.
Thank you,
Chad ***** | Technical Support Specialist

I am an Apple person .... asked for eyes free and Carplay via feature request. You have to plug in for Carplay functionality -- and I am good with that.

That being said, I think the Tesla should support at least IOS and Android (sorry MS fans) car functionality via an Tesla app.

I had Sync (MS) in my ICE and everything worked - Siri, Playlists etc.

Don't forget to send an email to service@teslamotors.com requesting these features

Elon uses an iPhone. Android is a stolen product. Hope iOS

@drax7: I didn't realize Steve Job's reincarnation happened so quickly :)

It is just a stupid phone like all the other stupid phones. Support the 3 major brands in use equally and call it a day. It's this Apple holy war crap mentality against anything non-Apple that ensures I will never buy anything made from that company.

Technology happens when people innovate on past ideas. I would not support any company that gets in the way of innovation by others. If someone doesn't like how others innovate, they should STFU and build a better product.

would very much like to see Siri/Apple CarPlay in the Tesla. :D Please make this happen!

I can't make this happen we can make it happen send an email to service@teslamotors.com requesting these features

This is such a bad idea. I own nothing but Apples, have an Apple-automated home and network, yet think that tying Tesla to ANY proprietary OS would be a marketing mistake of epic proportions. That's why Linux is under the hood, and that's the way it should stay.

I've said it before, I'll say it again, just as other people have said before.
CarPlay is independent of the car's technology and CarPlay does not take over the car's UI. Furthermore, a car can support both CarPlay and whatever Google or Microsoft come up with in the future.

If you don't use an Apple device or if you don't enable CarPlay you won't even notice that you have it.

So given that, I don't understand why it would be a bad idea for anyone.

As an example, Mercedes have already announced that besides CarPlay, they'll also support Google's technology as soon as it is available. In the same car. (Probably not at the same time, but I guess you'll need to choose between Android and iOS at that point.)

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