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Actual miles are HALF of rated miles!!

Am I doing something wrong? I drove 50 actual miles but that ate almost 90 "rated" miles. One time I went to each for an hour and came back to 20 LESS "rated" miles than when I got out of the car. I checked every time that the car actually locked itself and turned the lights off. I did not drive it rough or fast.

Where are you located? Just asking if it is a very cold locale? I know cold has a fairly decent effect on the battery? If not a cold location then I would contact Tesla as maybe something is wrong.

Also heavily dependent on driving habits! Did you do any regen?

Look at your average Wh/mi, that will give you a good answer.
The idle consumption is better with 4.1 firmware.
In the 4.1 energy app make sure to select average over the last 30 miles.

I have 4.1
I'm in CA but the weather here has been about 40F at night and 50F during the day, so not that bad.
I did regen a lot. Only was using breaks when I had to.
So, what gives????

Probably time to call the service center...let us know what they say!

if you drove 50 miles uphill it could easilly eat 90 rated miles. And downhill it won't use any or just a few.

Regen only recover about 40%(?) of the movement energy, so this will be a major energy-loss area, even though it is better than braking. You should rather adapt your driving so that the car dont have to regen or break. Steady even speed is what you need to aim for.

My range hasn't been quite that bad, but I did eat up more battery than I expected on the first day of driving. I did over 120 miles. In the Puget Sound area (Seattle) we don't really have flat roads, and I also did a bunch of highway and 'stop and go for a little while' driving, which means I spent a lot of time accelerating and not much time cruising, except when I was cruising at 65-70 on the not-flat highways. It's also somewhat cold right now.

And I find that the first miles off a charge tick off a bit quicker until regen is allowed to kick in. That and spirited driving - and for me - mainly at freeway speeds, has my week 1 results on the high end of the scale. But am getting the sense for how to moderate that down, just not ready to do so quite yet :-)

I live in the Seattle area as well, and my average energy consumption over 2100 miles has been 383 W-h/mi. This is with heat on, typically in the dark, raining, and cold (30-45F), sound system cranked, mix of hwy and city driving, and I live on a steep hill. Assuming 85% of the 85 kWh pack is available in a standard charge, this gives a typical range of 72.25/0.383 = 188 miles on a standard charge in our crappy conditions, or about 78% of the 240 rated miles.

I am averaging around 360 W-h/mile in the Colorado cold with some pretty aggressive driving. Temps are around 20F to 35F. But I have some good freeway driving in there. Short trips in the cold kills your energy consumption on a per mile basis because the battery puts out a lot of energy to warm up the battery.

I've driven mostly in San Fran, and my average wh/mi. is over 400 in town, sometimes even higher.

On the road, though, I'm down between 280 and 340 depending on driving. I just figure that SF's hills (and my cab-driver style) are just eating up energy. That's the way it is. Went to Berkeley and back Friday and was down to 300 again.

Try this: after the car is warmed up, reset one of your trip odometers to 0, and take a nice long drive on the flattest road you can find. Drive at least 100 miles. Keep your speed as steady as you can, averaging around 50, and try not to brake. Keep your energy app on, and watch your energy consumption. Try to get your projected miles down to where they equal your rated miles at 5, 15, and 30 mile averages.

If your consumption is still over 400 Whr/mi, you should take the car in to have it checked. If you can get your consumption down to 325 or so, you are probably within the normal range, and you have just learned how to drive this car to get better range.

I read reports of people getting under 300 Whr/mi, waking up to a car that has charged to 240 rated range by morning, and charging at the full 31 miles per hour of charge, and I am envious. My experience is more like that of Captain_Zap, olanmills, and some of the other soaked northwesterners. I wish it was better, but then in the summer we won't have to waste a lot of watts on air conditioning.

BTW, @Captain_Zap, how did you find your consumption for 2100 miles? Did you simply not reset one trip odometer, or is there a place where you can find your energy usage over the life of the car?

drive 100 miles to test???


Damn right! This car is so much fun to drive, I'd go 100 miles for a pizza.

I posted this to get some avg numbers for folks to enter this data but currently there not many entries.

I only calculate the avg at present but will add sub calcs when there is data to justify the work.

I've only had the car for a day and haven't done any real distance driving. So far it's only the trip back from the Freemont factory to home, a few errands, and a little light sightseeing this afternoon. I seem to be averaging around 350Wh/mi with a mix of aggressive driving and focusing on efficiency. Not too bad. It means with a standard charge I'll get 200mi without really worrying about it, and a full charge would take me over 240mi. That's 80% of "ideal" and around 90% of the rated range.

I don't know what my average is and honestly I am not tracking it. I love driving the car. I can say that on my first long drive from my house in Bedford, PA to my house in Charlottesville, VA 186 miles. I was left with 50 miles of charge remaining. I ran the heat and the first 12 miles were on snow covered roads. It was about 29F when I left Bedford and 37F when I got to Charlottesville. I followed the speed limit and didn't go more than 5mph over. Lots of rural highway 55-65 mph. I used cruise control which had a very tight range. Cruise control in this car is better than most humans.

My car started to get the software update 15min after I got to my house in VA. Hopefully it will improve even more.

It would be nice if you could get the statistical data from the car sent in an email or an ability to download the diagnostic information to your own computer.

I'm averaging 400 wh/mile. That's going 75 to 85 mph on the freeways, hard acceleration from time to time, and a mix of highway and city driving. p85 performance.

@rwang, that seems about right. You're driving it pretty hard and 75-85 is both speeding and taking it out of the ideal speed.

The "perfect" speed for the car is ~21 MPH, as you can see here:

At an average of 80 MPH, you should expect only 200 miles of range. At a safer 55 MPH, you'll get ~310. That's also with climate control off and on a perfectly flat road.

Most people should be expecting 200-250 as their range. Leave it on Rated, because Ideal is...well...ideal. Overly ideal, really. Rated comes closer to reality.

The exception is for road trips, where you can get closer to ideal conditions more easily. Use cruise control a lot and I find it both smooths out the power graph and lowers it a lot. CC drives better than I do, so it's a must if you're going on a distance trip.

Here is my cold weather test drive results from today, 1/1/13:
Outside temp 7 - 11 deg F. in SE Minnesota.
Accessories in use were: XM radio (moderately loud), driver seat heater at #1 level, and Climate Control set to 67 deg F, auto fan, but with 'Range Mode = On' (which limits how hard the heater/fan tries to work - see notes on software v 4.1). Overall, it was a very chilly cabin.

Tires are Dunlop snow tires on 19" aftermarket wheels, inflated to 45psi.

Drove 86.2 miles (43.1 out, 43.1 back), at steady 65 mph (cruise control), on gently rolling hills, with no net elevation gain.
'Rated Range' at start 250 miles (with warm recently charged battery).
'Rated Range' at end 129 miles. When I shut down, I got a messages saying the battery is cold, and recommended charging.
So: used 121 'Rated Miles' to go 86.2 miles (achieved 71% of rating).
The 30 mile average projected range remaining at end was 102 miles projected. So, real miles plus realistic projected range was 188.2 miles, compared to 250 'Rated', or 75% of rated miles.
Average energy use was 411 Wh/mi, with total energy use of 35.4 kWh.

I was a bit disappointed, but then again it was 7 deg out! I would have thought that the batteries would stay plenty warm, as I used them to cruise at 65mph, but apparently they got colder as the trip went on.
Next, I will try the same trip at 55 mph cruise control (tomorrow - should be about the same temp).

@timdorr - average speed on 280 in Northern California is about 75 to 78 mph =)

Has anyone noticed an interesting whrrr in the speakers when you go past 80 whr in the acceleration.

I keep reading about how cold weather affects the battery charge and docdac noted the battery needed charging because it was cold after his 86 mile drive. So, I'm wondering if anyone knows if a long, very cold winter will have any long-term damaging effects on the battery?

Have software version 4.1 - High temp today was 25-30 F. At each stop the screen suggested I plug in to warm the battery. Of course the charging cable was at home in my garage.

also driving short hops are less efficient, lots of factors. the rated miles are based on an ideal condition of 55mph. I get rated miles only on longer trips and not driving too fast!

Agree with rwang, when cruising 65 get passed by 90% of the cars up here in the NorthBay, shuddering at the idea of taking over to I-5 and driving to Harris supercharger. Maybe I'll leave at 2am....

Just did the trip, no problem. Key was using CC at 5mph under posted limits. Started with 269 rated, and ended with 45 rated. Trip was 209 miles. 65 mph on I-5 was no problem once you get over being passed by most everyone. Trucks help as the posted limit for them is 55-60.

Got a pleasant surprise today. Did my first cruise along the freeway. Cruise control set to 80mph (indicated). This was with A/C on, and with two passengers, approx 75deg outside, and mostly flat (except for overpasses) - I'm in South Florida.

The graph in the efficiency post shows a consumption of 400 Wh/m at 80; the car was showing between 360 and 370. This would put the range at near 225 miles at 80mph.

I was expecting over 400. Admittedly the A/C wasn't working too hard, but 370 is significantly better than I had hoped.

@DouglasR - I have left one of the trip meters running since the car was delivered, so I have a running "lifetime" Wh/mi average of 383 over 2100 miles.

Agree with observation that 65 mph is much more efficient than 85 and correlation with Rated Range is very close in our experience (2500 miles so far). But getting 350 Wh/mi is not nearly as much fun as burning 425 Wh/mi!! Love driving for the fun of it, but will settle down and try for an efficiency run soon.

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