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Collision Avoidance?

So I did my test drive, and I loved the car.

HOWEVER, I have 2 Chevy Volts and they have collision avoidance, and really don't want to live without Collision avoidance. Has anyone heard a rumor of when that will be incorporated into the car?

When I am tired its a life saver ( I am frequently very jetlagged), Also when I do anything on a touch screen, its nice to have the car looking out for me. I drive through Manhattan on the way to work. I need all the help I can get.

Also, the front lacks a bumper. Anyone had any experience with parallel parking? When the guy infront of you parks by Braille, are you headed to the body shop?


Yes, most people think 1 night cures all. But "sleep debt" is almost arithmetically cumulative. You must make up for every hour you missed in order to be rested.

"Has anyone heard a rumor of when that will be incorporated into the car?"

It has been a tough issue, but from what I hear, it varies greatly from driver to driver. :p

Seriously though, it sounds like you need to not drive when you're sleepy and pay more attention. I find it very scary that you want to rely on collision avoidance for situations in which you shouldn't be driving or choosing not to pay attention to driving.

You need an automated Google car apparently.

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