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Dear Santa Tesla

Santa Tesla,

I have one request for you this Holiday Season.

Please deliver to everyone their Model S to share a little extra joy to their Holiday season. Every day since November 2nd, I've enjoyed the Tesla grin. I've shared the experience 20 or more times, but I think everyone would appreciate it daily.


If you have time between deliveries - I'd love to have the High Power Wall Connector delivered!

Your fan wishing you the Happy Holidays,
Sig Performance #121 - Vin #513

Twas the night before Christmas and in its new home
the Tesla was charging for the next day to roam…

The presents were stashed in the frunk with great care
Because who would think to search for Christmas toys there?

The owner approached, key fob in his pocket
The handles extended, he didn't have to unlock it.

When up on the roof we heard someone holler
"Free fuel for your Tesla!" yelled the solar installer.

The charger was unplugged, the cord coiled with care
when suddenly we heard Santa share:
"mash it and dash it, blast away fast,
decided to deliver toys with my Perf Model S this year.....
its way better than the old sleigh"

And what in my garage did appear?
A bright shiny S much faster than any reindeer


Thanks for the smiles.

You guys have too much time on your collective hands :D

@archibaldcrane Tesla's Facebook page has a picture for your prose..

Poetry. Prose. Opposites. Rhyming prose: rare. Rhyming poetry: usual.

@archibaldcrane Tesla's Facebook page has a picture for your poetry today :o)

Delivery diversions as never before
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