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Experience with Rear facing child seats

Hi Forum,

I was hoping to see if anyone has gotten these delivered/installed and what your experience has been? They told us it would be a few months before they were available in any mass quantity. Few basic questions:

1. Are they easily foldable (ie single person can do it without a lot of strength?)
2. Can they be permanently removed (ie once the kids are grown up)?
3. Do your kids actually like being back there?
4. Do kids complain at all about dizziness/nausea (ie moving forward but visually looking backwards can cause equilibrium issues and motion sickness for some people)?

Honestly, I think I only got them so I can say "I'm throwing the kids in the trunk" without child protective services coming after me. Unfortunately now threatening kids by saying we're going to throw you in the trunk if you don't quiet down really won't have the same effect ... oh well, will have to start threatening with the frunk. ;>)

I don't have the seats myself, but was talking to a Model S owner who had them. To answer your questions:

1. I saw him fold them and it was very easy and seemed well engineered. Fit neatly in the hole that is in the trunk.

2. They can be removed.

3/4 - I asked his son (7-8?) if he liked being back there and he said "yes" with a big grin.

@ Andresk,

Thanks so much. most appreciated.


Thanks for the comments. To my knowledge, this is the first owner who actually has the seats installed! I wonder how quickly they are rolling them out...

I picked up my S on Friday at the factory with my 5yo and 2yo. The seats are removable, and fold up and down very easily. My kids absolutely love being back there! However, we have notices two things:

1.) The belts, while easy to fasten, get twisted very easily. A little bit of a hastle but not a big deal.

2.) because the seats are the "car seats" the kids are sitting much closer together than when they sit in an ICE or even in the back seat of the S in their regular car seats. This led to some hair pulling and pinching! Now we just tell them that if they can't play nicely in the trunk they are going to have to ride in the cabin in their car seats!! This seems to get them to behave for at least 3 minutes.

@ PhillipO,

Congrats on the car. Thanks so much for the info and your experience thusfar with the seats. Glad they love getting in the back and hopefully neither gets car/motion sickness.

The seats work well. The only issue I had was the installation. They left a big gap between the rear seats and the side of the car. That will have to be replaced.

Tell them if necessary only one will go back there at a time, and then enforce it. That should quell the battles.

@ Rwang,

Could you explain a bit further? What do you mean that there is a big gap between the seat and the side of the car? From what I saw of them at the get amped event, they were not flush against the side wall. How big of a gap do you mean, and is the concern more aesthetic or something that has functional/safety considerations?


It is hard to find videos of the elusive rear child seats folding. I found this one useful.
At 0:29 the Tesla guy opens them out of the footwell in one fluid motion and with one hand.
It is possible these are the previous version before the current production ones and so it is great to hear the personal experience stories posted here. Also curious about the gap problem of @rwang.

I picked up my S from the factory today and was pleasantly shocked to find the rear seats installed! They said some cars (but not yet all) are starting to receive the seats. They look great and the kids love riding back there (and so do my coworkers!). I was worried that sudden acceleration might paste them against the rear window, but the seats keep them very well contained!

The seats fold down nicely into the trunk. It doesn't take much effort or strength, but it's a bit more awkward than I would expect. It folds into 3 parts, and the headrests tend to swing out and interfere with the folding if you're not careful about it. When putting them up, the seats fold out very easily and seem to latch into place securely. The kids had a blast and made friends with some drivers behind us. Only problem is that 3 kids will now be fighting over the 2 most popular seats in the car!

Tell us about these little co-workers ...

We picked up the car last week. The jump seats where installed. Out 4 year old twin boys love it !
Very easy to fold/unfold.

Thank you for the video!

I should have ordered the seats.

Don't need but one of them, but those are cool!

Waiting eagerly for our jump seats and hoping my 7 year will be able to fit. Can someone post some pictures with occupants in the seats? Maybe hatch open & closed??? That would be much appreciated!

I heard it could be March, but I'm asking again if you are seeing some deliveries! Back orders should be imminent!

I am scheduled for Feb16-March2. 2 weeks ago they told me I will not get seats with the car as they have to get the folks with deliveries in 2012 their seats 1st.

Is it possible they caught up and or are doing the under promise over deliver concept?

What reservation numbers are getting seats?

@virtuallarry: I bet yours will come with jump seats. I don't know how they're catching up for cars that were delivered without them, but it sound like they are being installed in most new cars now. When I picked mine up last week the jump seats were listed on the due bill, then crossed off by the DS when he saw that they were already installed in my car. He said they're starting to show up in cars coming out of the factory now.

@kelly: my 8 year old is 52" tall and he fits pretty well. Long legs make it a little awkward, but otherwise no problem. His 9 y.o. (taller) friend also fit fine for a joy ride yesterday.

I'm telling you, this car is better than Disneyland for these kids right now!!

I was told by Menlo Park rep that rear seats will be rolled out to 'early adopters' first , so sounds like they will go up the list starting with Sig's. Guess we will find out...

@jamon. Thanks for the info, I hope your right re delivery w the seats.

I don't want to put our toddler seat for my 3 year old in the back seat.... New car new leather can get compressed from the seat.

Also want him to know that the only option for him is the back jumper seats..... Just in case he asks about sitting facing forward to see the giant iPad .

He wouldn't get much joy out of the touchscreen with no video, anyway. Just tell him, "Can't play cartoons or movies!"

Which brings up a "future feature" idea: HUD display video for the jumpseat occupants!

typo: HUD video ...

"display" is repetitious, of course!

Any info on new cars being delivered w jumper seats?

I'm a Signature owner (VIN #532) and we ordered our car with the rear jump seats. Received the car November 2nd without the seats.

Tomorrow (Jan. 31st) we are taking the car to the Seattle service center to have them installed. We will pick up the car on Friday (there were other service items we've been waiting on and they will take care of those as well, so they need the car overnight.

Kids are very excited to give the seats a try over the weekend!

Found a good mat to put in the foot hole when the kids are in the jump seat. $12.99 @ Target - Mohawk Utility Mat 22x47".
Here are some pics with the kids in the seats from the outside view.

@appljd | JANUARY 30, 2013: Here are some pics with the kids in the seats from the outside view.

Hey, those seats have cup holders! I guess that's one way to get some extra cup holders in the car.

@appljd - Looks like the kids have the Tesla GRIN!

Is there a place to put the footwell cover when the kids are using the seats?

I get a lot of rubbernecks now without my kids in the trunk. This may add people that aren't interested in the car but are wondering why my kids are back there. My kids are going to love those seats. The main problem will come from the fact that I have three kids.

Markapeterman: no very comfortable with the footwell but yes you could put it back. One of my pictures when we took delivery had the foot hole covered.

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