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I'm sorry another fire :(

The stocks will be down with this one

I'm sorry too, but I don't think that was only the battery burning -- possibly some other flammable substances also present in that BMW?

What the heck does this have to do with Tesla?

Why would a burning Model S have any impact on its stock? GM, Ford, and every other car manufacturer's vehicles burn every single day. I don't see those vehicle fires affecting their respective company's stock price.

Are the media are connecting the wrong dots?

Yeah this is my point for the trolls car fires are common and expected, there are not fire proof cars.

We should start a campaign promoting all the videos of ICE burning. Give some perspective to those narrow minded morons


The problem is that the general public is recollecting the problem Hybrid fires that cobbled the Volt and the Fisker and cost them a lot of business.

WE know that they were hybrids that haul around tanks of accelerant and they had designs that made them capable of spontaneous combustion, but most of the chart reading investors do not realize that Tesla doesn't have the same issues. Joe investor doesn't realize that either and they are fearing a recall like the Volt had or business failure like the Fisker.

The press knows that people love to see something that has been hailed as near flawless perfection get beat up badly. Tesla did sweep just about every award out there this year, including the big red checkmark from Consumer Reports yesterday. The press is just exploiting the situation because it leads to site hits.

I'm holding my stock and I would buy more today if I had the cash in the right place right now. I still belive that the Tesla revolution is here to stay and it will take the globe by storm. There isn't a better option out there. All they have to do is go out and drive one and learn how convenient they are and they will be won over. We can help make that happen.

@Captain_Zap++, ditto. Tesla is safest car out there. I would rather be in Tesla with a fire than any ICE vehicle. No fatalities or serious injuries that I know about from any Tesla fires and crashes.

What am I missing? What impact does a BMW on fire have on Tesla?

He is pointing out how silly it is that the Tesla fires drew so much interest when it happens with other brands on a daily basis.

I guess I am missing something. Is that what you call irony? At least I got the concrete barrier joke!

It's called a double standard.

Looks like the work of Walter White.

I wonder if the BMW owner got a call from BMW to see if he was ok.

I bet NOT!

I understand what you are going for with this post, OP, but the title is extremely misleading. You should append it with (This time an ICE!) or something like that. Everybody is sensitive to the fires and misrepresentation the media and general public often have over them and your thread title could cause anxiety.

Yes, most people only ever read the headline (if that). I do feel a little bit mislead, to have to actually watch a YouToob closely in order to get OP's point. That is why I tried to explain it succinctly, in my first comment above.

Many of us have some serious money on the line here, don't forget, and maybe not inclined to waste time on such funny jokes. If you were just trying to yank some shorts' chain, probably not in the correct forum. Thank you.


This is awesome. Nice job. Don't let these sourpusses get you down. It's actually funnier when they don't get the joke.

The video shows a spontaneous fire in a BMW. No trauma. Also no license plate, new car? Both Tesla fires were from significant trauma. You would see the opposite if there was a battery problem with the MS.

Why didn't this make headlines yesterday?

NHTSA Press Release:
October 28: 3,594 Audi S6 and S7 vehicles from 2013-2014, Recalled for a fuel line that may leak.

I did a search of "fuel" and "fire" at NHTSA searching only newer cars, and I am happier than ever that I went with a Tesla.

redders, I DID get the "joke", I just didn't find it very funny. Actually, destructive. That is why I hesitate to laugh. Or to take either of you completely serious in future.

Have your fun. But please, not at the expense of others.

There might be more important things to discuss here.

// sourpuss xxoo

Changing the thread title would be an easy fix. People would get the point that Tesla is being treated unfairly and it wouldn't alarm people that don't bother reading the thread.

To change the title, the OP just needs hover the cursor over the red Tesla T and edit options appear.

Cap_Z, I endorse your proposal. Clears the air from smoke and fumes.

// Lessmog, sourpuss

I will change the title when the idiots stop reporting Teslas accidents like they are unique. Why people even post silly questions about Mexico accidents???? how big was the metal that the car hit the fist fire??? Hello.... I am so glad the trolls got the picture ALL MOTION ENGINE WITH WHEELS AND ENERGY USED FOR MOTION MAY BURN...You don't like it ride a bicycle.

I still think Tesla should capitalize on this with an ad campaign: "The popularity of Tesla Model S is catching fire!"

@cberman - I get the feeling that you don't realize my post about the concrete debris was a joke - making fun of the trolls who try to drum up negative opinions about tesla with every accident - just as you are trying to do here.

The trolls aren't going to go away, and you'll drive yourself crazy trying to reason with them or change their ways. Your best bet is to just have fun with it, don't let them under your skin, and spend your efforts spreading the true joy that Tesla has created.

Maybe you can start by changing the title of your thread :)

@Flyshacker, LOL

I think it is a testament to the fact that people treat this as a car first and they just do the craziest stuff. I can't think of many other EVs that can get you in this much trouble. Sometimes the awesome kind of trouble, other times...

Thus far, we had:
1. The unfortunate demolition of a Honda

2. The lady who CHOPPED a telephone pole in half

3. The Pole Vault incident at highway speed, with resulting fire

...and now
4. The Mexican flying Tesla, with flames and fireworks

That might be the wrong photo.

In all cases, the immediate response was to, walk away, and hurry up to get in line for the next Model S.

I feel the urge for popcorn.

Funny as hell! Can't help LOL. I've been in a good mood ever since I took delivery 10 months and 16k miles ago. And when I check my portfolio, I LOL the loudest.

I'm sorry but your thread makes no sense to me without a title change.

Why not just post "Left completely stranded!!!!" and then mention it's because your Mom forgot to pick you up.

Or how about "Small dent, $4000 to repair!!!!!" and then mention it was on your Aventador.

And of course "Death from a Tesla!!!!" and mention it was electrocution from a Tesla coil in the year 1900.

To me they are all silly and sensationalism at its worst.

I know I read the title and thought there was a third Tesla fire and was extremely curious about what could have caused it and then saw the BMW. Even if you turned the smiley face from a frown to a smile it would make a difference.

To each their own. It doesn't really ruin my day. Just seems fruitless.

the video does not depict a model s and is certainly not the same car as the photo. i am comparing the photo and video that the people at "jaconik" are foaming over. i know i don't have to say it, but stay strong my tesla brothers. can someone else compare the two and post.

This is the best thread ever, Lol...Lol the trolls are upset, we are not following yellow press.....

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