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Maybe the M3 body will be 3D printed inconel

Sister co. SpaceX is already using it! :-)
(Nickel, chrome, iron alloy)

Nope. Too slow. And no reason to make a car out of inconel.

SpaceX printed the part in 2 days, vs. months of making castings.

That's for parts of very complex internal geometry. There is no aluminum or mild steel 3d print tech on the market at this time.

Plus, how many thousands of those pieces is SpaceX going to need? What? Not thousands? Oh, how many hundreds then? Oh, not that many either? 3D printing can be great for very small volume of parts, but it's usually not effective for large volumes.

Yes, of course, it's rocket engine stuff. I was just making a humorous note of the technology in general. 3D printing is being noised about as a major new industrial revolution.

Yes but not for mass production...

"(Nickel, chrome, iron alloy)"

It's called stainless steel, you don't make cars out of it because you can't press it. And it's much too expensive.

" 3D printing is being noised about as a major new industrial revolution."

3D printing is good for concept models or a single unit of a complex object.

It's not good for mass production because stamping metal is way faster than 3D printing, exponentially faster.

The future of automotive is carbon fiber, for the same reason we still use alimunium and steel, you can stamp press it.


Linear Solutions Inc. uses a Digital Sintered Metal Laser for their 3D printing and use any of the six metals: Inconel, Cobalt Chrome, Maraging Steel, Stainless Steels, Aluminum, and Titanium.

Also, there are small metal 3D printers for under $2K on the market that can make metal parts in a 11.5 x 6 x 6 volume. Not enough for most auto parts (like stampings) but some.

Sorry, that was Linear Mold and Engineering...and Direct Metal Laser Sintering 3D process.

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