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Sometimes I wonder how you guys ever built this awesome car in the first place

How long does it take to make a center console or level III adapter ?
I don't know sometimes I just don't get it Tesla

probably by prioritizing the important over the unimportant

Maybe they're just not good at building things. That must be it.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie-Roll Tootsie Pop?

@church70 - simply Tesla is on a mission to get to Gen3... and that is good thing because else I would be concerned about to get basic service tomorrow.

I like no recalls, great service, free updates, product evolution. Your examples are low priority. The center console has enough cancelled orders to indicate it is a historic hangover that many people eventually shed. The CHAdeMO will likely end up to be a North America dinosaur in a year or two. I would like it to be compatible but currently the proposed adapter cost in a non starter for most.

@Wayne3 +1

@Red Sage, from my childhood experimentation it was 106.

I think TM is making a point to stick it to the Canadians...


Relax, perhaps Brian will drop by and take good care of your MS for a few days while you track down the head honchos as HQ to lodge your complains.

karmamule: +106 UP! I could never get past that ~*CRUNCH*~ thing myself...

Apparently the nicest people in the world are actually in Norway.


Center Console design done:
Availability estimated in September.

Level III adapter not high priority.

I'm confused. There is a CHAdeMO adapter in the accessories store. Yes the price is $1000 but if you want the capability it is there to purchase. Are we talking about wanting a cheaper version or am I ignorant about level III adapters?

It's so funny to me, when I bought my MS 8.5 months ago (received 6 months ago) I thought the lack of center console was a huge deal. I didn't know how I would cope with my busy lifestyle, living in my car chauffeuring around 3 kids. I adapted, buying an inexpensive 7" fabric square box that fit just under the touch screen, to access the things I grab the most.

A few weeks back, I added the yacht floor to my car (didn't think I needed it initially, but found that it was difficult to vacuum the carpet and it never looked completely clean). The day I picked up the car, I ditched the fabric box, because the new yacht floor is just too pretty to hide. I threw a few things in the space below the screen and the glove box and the rest in the frunk.

And I'm happier than ever, as the car is less cluttered, and feels even "calmer" during my frequent drives. For me, it's like Elon Musk is channeling Steve Jobs, giving me what I actually need, and not what I thought I need.

And, yes, I'm an Apple FanGirl too.


The CHAdeMO adaptor is not yet shipping, although it was initially promised back in January IIRC.


@omarsultan: Thank you for the clarification. I was unaware that it was not shipping yet. That's lame.

Red Sage -- How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie-Roll Tootsie Pop?
karmamule --- @Red Sage, from my childhood experimentation it was 106.
NO NO NO don't you even research things - it is 3 ---- that research was conducted by a wise owl many many years ago GGGEEEEEsh

Yeah, you can buy it, but you can't have it till they make some. Or SLT.

If it's not a priority why even announce it or list it on the website as coming soon? Makes no sense. If you put it up and people want it they will be expecting it.

Tesla needs to learn not to announce something until it's ready to ship and they have inventory on hand. That's how almost everyone else does things.

@AmpedRealtor - Mercedes had an inventory on hand when they announced the B-class? BMW had an inventory on hand when i3 or i8 was announced? I think I am missing something...

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