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Tesla Mentioned in the Presidential Debate

Governor Romney mentioned Tesla in a negative tone tonight in order to discredit this Administration's interest in alternative energy. If he becomes President, will that mean that federal tax credits, and the DOE loan will be called to a halt?

Just to keep driving the point home, you should really have said, "Ford borrowed 5.9 billion under the same program."

Just sayin'.

Brain: unless lazarus runs on an iphone, it wouldn't do me any good.

And no, I haven't bothered to find out.

Ford got $5.9B the same way Tesla got $0.465B. Just leveling the field for the whiners.

There is a 50% chance that Romney may become the next president. Along with the Republican congress he will definitely do away with the $7500 rebate on electric cars. Unless Tesla reduces its base price by the same amount, it will make the car too expensive for many. I wonder if Tesla will be able to survive without the rebates. If it doesn't, what are we (who have spent over $100 grand) going to do with our cars for service and parts? This worries me a bit.


I disagree. I think for the market Tesla is targeting with the Model S, a $7500 rebate is not going to price out too many of their customers. Some, but not enough to make a difference at this point.

Consider that luxury sedan buyers regularly buy ICE cars with equally high sticker prices, but which are inferior in many ways to the Model S' performance and features. And then take into account the reduced real cost of ownership from the price of gas over the life of the car.

Right now and for the next year or so at least, there are people lined up to buy the car as fast as they can be produced. If a few people peel off the queue, they're most likely going to be 40kwh buyers, and their place will be taken by those buying the more expensive models. So the short-term impact to Tesla's bottom line will be negligible.

By that time there will be enough of them on the road to 'sell themselves', assuming they continue to be as great as all the reviews and early buyers keep saying.

The rebate is already limited to the 1st 200,000 sales by any maker, anyway. Of course, only TM has a prayer of selling that many of models currently on offer.

Also the tax credit only matters to US sales. Canadian and EU sales will not be impacted by tax credit removal.

I hope for our sakes that you guys are right! I would hate to be the owner of the next $113000 DeLorean. (By the way that is what I am paying out the door for my car and I don't qualify for the rebate because I am retired and most of my income is from tax free investments.)


Have you considered withdrawing the money to buy the car from an IRA? That might give you enough of a tax bill to get the credit.

Check with your accountant.

I beielve the "rebate" is actually a tax credit against your taxes. Correct me if I'm wrong...


yes, that is correct

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