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v6.0 and Personalization

OK, I just watched Elon's interview with Colbert and I'm curious...what could they do with "your car's nickname" in v6? I can think of a couple of simple things but the way Elon has talked about it in the past it sounds like it might be significant. Any ideas?

Once you name your car, when you call it it comes to you. :-)

My Ionia calls me when she wants to go riding.

This clearly opened the door to another level of security. Whether they use it for this purpose or not, who knows, but it creates the possibility of a user/car name and password.

@JT: 'Once you name your car, when you call it it comes to you.'

Nice, like the Batmobile

@AIMc Good thought. Shields would also be welcome.

“It ain't what they call you, it's what you answer to.”
― W.C. Fields

The best movie dissertation on names starts at about 1:30:

@Seattlesid: +1 on the clip. LOL at "Elaine communicates with my brother and myself almost entirely by rumor." ;)

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