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windshield crack

Just noticed a windshield crack about 10 in long, circular in lrhs (passenger) side of windshield. No clue how it got there.Anyone else had this, and how did Tesla respond. It looks like a stress fracture.

Many threads on this subject. Try searching Mine was replaced about a month ago with no problems since.

same, Tesla should replace it under warranty..mine was replaced. My guess is that the robot put some pressure on it when installing in the factory. Its fine now.

What's the last four of your VIN... if you don't mind. I am 3773 and am wondering if I am at risk.

Same problem here, New window is on order. VIN is 3027.

Same problem here. I contacted Tesla and they replaced it under warranty. I love my MS!!!!

No sign of any crack here.

However, there are signs of a crackpot (NNT)

Just noticed my crack. While driving on the freeway today I heard a thud sound which did not sound like a pebble. Inspecting the windshield when I got home noticed the half moon crack midway up the passenger side of the windshield.

I was parked at my office in a covered garage and came back at the end of the day and found a crack as described by numerous others. It is on the lower passenger side of the windshield and comes out from edge in a straight line about 6 inches and then a dogleg for four inches. It sounds like the same spot and problem as others. My Tesla was delivered in mid-December. I'll be contacting Tesla Service and let you all know what I hear.


same here - exactly as you described :(

I was giving a tour of my model s to 6 people at my club on the weekend when I noticed what appeared to be a spontaneous crack on my rear windshield.

I am a huge Tesla fan and was hoping no one noticed. Thank goodness no one noticed.

The crack appears to have originated on the inside right where there were 2 pieces of the heating element close to each other. I have been using the rear heater to defrost it and am wondering if that might have something to do with it.

I took it in for them to check it out on Tuesday and have yet to hear back from them whether they are going to cover it. They wanted to make sure it was not a rock chip.

My Tesla was delivered Feb 22.

I'm sure TM has Engineering staff on resolving the root cause. Here's my guess at what they'll find, or have already found:

Aluminum has 3X the thermal expansion coefficient of steel. Glass, depending on the type, expands even less than steel.

The glass is bonded to the aluminum frame with adhesive. As the overall assembly goes through temperature cycles, the difference in expansion causes a stress that can get large enough to form a crack.

With steel-framed cars, this is not so much an issue. With other aluminum cars, I think this problem is generally eliminated by increasing the flexural modulus (springiness) of the adhesive material, and also by regulating the thickness of the adhesive. This forms a cushion which absorbs the relative changes in size of the two dissimilar materials.

I doubt they will have to change the design. It's more about regulating the type and amount of adhesive.

This theory is consistent with what is observed about the replacement installs. If the adhesive is not carefully metered out during the install, it might crack again. But if they put the right amount of the correct adhesive, you should not see the problem recurr.

Any car in the field that has this issue should be completely restorable to a perfect, crack-free windshield without requiring any change to other parts of the car.

I think TM is fine-tuning their production line process for this now, as well as the repair procedures for their techs. As that gets settled, this problem should go away pretty much entirely.

@Mark K
I think you are spot on.

I had a rock put a divot in my windshield, and I took it to the local Tesla service center. They pointed me to a glass shop they had been using, and when I picked up my car I talked to the guy. He said they have replaced a number of cracked windshields, and that they would cut out the windshield, the car would go back to Tesla where they would do some work on the metal around the windshield, and then it would come back to the glass shop to install a new windshield.

Following up on my earlier post. After contacting Tesla Service, I had an appointment the following week in Fremont at the service center. Left the car overnight. They warned me they would need to check the windshield which they did. It involved running a finger over the crack (which was completely smooth). So they covered it under warranty. Been great since and they were wonderful to deal with. Completely painless.

Curved, horizontal Y-shaped crack formed spontaneously on lower passenger front windshield on the hottest day since we got the car. Crack wasn't there when I parked in the AM but I noticed it when I got in the car to drive home. My first thought was vandalism, but we have discounted that idea now based on the type of crack and the fact that it has happened to others (thankfully so I can still drive it to work in the city). Tesla replaced the windshield under warranty. They picked it up within 1 day, took it for service, and it was back 2 days later.

Vivivan, which tesla service center fixed your windshield?

Mine was checked out and determined they would replace it under warranty before Mar 28th and I still have not heard back from them!

Same: c shaped crack projecting from the lower right passenger side edge. Noticed first thing in the morning. it hasnt been too hot, but we had a pretty decent thermal differential taking the car from Big Bear to LA. Sure love this car! Hope they can fix it soon.

Christine--Norristown/King of Prussia PA service center replaced the windshield.

Mine also has a crack and I am trying to schedule for replacement when I will be out of the country next week, but service center says its has not received authorization yet, despite my sending pictures at their request clearly indicating a native defect.

vivivan, thx for your response. I thought maybe you were near Fremont and that might have accounted for the quick response.

I have consistently poor follow up from Costa Mesa. Looks like it is a Costa Mesa issue.

Time to talk to a manager

I am curious what is the latest vin number reporting a crack. Are cars presently being delivered still susceptible to this issue?

Ditto vinproof. Anyone receiving a Model S after 1 April having problems with the windshield?

I got a crack yesterday with about 3,100 miles and vin 4306. Mine is the same story, it is on the right side about 3/4 of the way up. Crack is horizontal from the edge of the windshield and then makes a 90 degree turn towards the ground. It is about 12" long at this time. My car was manufactured in about the 3rd week of January.

11,000 miles - March delivery. Got a crack in my windshield today as it was parked in my garage. Passenger side, similar to what others have described. Never had this happen to me in another car. Makes one wonder about what else may happen.


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