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winter performance

With some cold weather and snow finally hitting the northeast last week, and other areas also experiencing some winter weather, I'm wondering about Model S owners's experience. How does the Model S perform in the snow, given its rear-wheel drive? The cold weather is supposed to be a real drag on the battery--has anyone noticed a significant difference? In the Tesla mall stores, there is a big range estimater that shows a dramatic drop in range (down to 211 miles) for highway driving in 32 degree weather. Any real world experiences that you lucky Model S owners care to share?

There are several posts on Winter Performance both driving and battery.

Best on driving I think is:

(you can paste this in google to search "winter")

the site does that for you automatically.

I know, and that is great, but for me it is faster just to put this in the search bar,one less link/click ;)

Mine handles GREAT in the snow; a pleasant surprise! Must be the equal distribution of weight of the car that makes the difference. I just have the standard 19" all-weather tires. On the other hand cold weather seems to have an impact the range of the battery (even when using minimal climate control). I think the way around that is to use the Range (maximum) Mode for charging a little more often and if possible consider purchasing the larger (85kwh) battery pack! I've been very happy with this car!

I bought a set of 19" wheels with all-season tires for my non-perf Sig. Live in Baltimore. I have to say, performance on snow-covered streets is far worse than a front wheel drive car, especially on an incline, Had a scary moment yesterday trying to go up a not particularly steep hill and the back end just wanted to slide right. Finally got moving, but I think I may keep the 21''s for 8 months of driving and get snow tires on the 19s. Didn't really want to store / swap extra wheels, but until I can afford a Model X too I'm going to need a better grip.

All-seasons are a false economy.

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