The 10,000th Tesla Model S, has it already been manufactured in April 2013, or is it going to be manufactured in May 2013?

This is an important figure soon to be announced by Tesla Motors. This news will make more people believe in the fact that Tesla Motors really is a viable EV manufacturer and that it has a bright future ahead.

I saw VIN 9985 reported yesterday on TMC. That car and the 10k probably won't roll off the line for a week or two I would imagine.

Tide rapidly receding. Beaches clearing frantically. Shortsville is about to get hit with a tsunami of hurt!

@ jk2014

Yes it is.

TSLA today even went up to 54.97 a new all time high, which is not going to stand for long.

I think it's hilarious that the shorts are running out after the receding tide. Meanwhile us longs are getting the video camera battery charged up.

I think that on wednesday at the earnings call Q1 2013, Elon Musk will announce that the 10,000th Tesla Model S has been manufactured and delivered to the lucky customer. That would be nice.

#10K is an important MS for Elon Musk too. Congratulations EM, you deserve the kudos and all the options possible. I love my MS.

I am VIN 10170, started on the line 5/2. I suspect 10k just rolled off.

Super, I am sure Elon Musk is now going to mention something about it on wednesday (earnings call Q1 2013).


That looks like a Georgia Tech ID, fellow Tech alum here GTE420R.

Back on topic, no one on TMC has claimed 10k yet and they are already well over the VIN as stated above. Didn't Tesla "break even" at 8k a year? This should guarantee a profitable year right?

My guess is car # 10,000 might be awarded to a corporate VIP, which could be why it has not been ID'd by a regular customer on the forums.

Would be funny if Elon gave Broder the 10,000th MS.

@ jk2014

It would be better to give it to someone who made sure that Tesla Motors got that DoE loan. That was an important moment for Tesla Motors.

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