12 interesting things we learned from Tesla's Elon Musk this week


"Full manufacturing in Europe long-term, definitely. It’s a bit silly transporting cars across the Atlantic. Probably in five years."

'The car dubbed "Gen3" or "Bluestar" will be less than £35,000 when it goes on sale "probably three years from now". It will be 20% smaller than the Model S, he added.'

"I think we’re many years away from truly self-driving."

"My initial impression of the i3 is it looks a bit funny and the range is not high enough. It seems to have been made intentionally weird, as opposed to letting the form follow function. Form should not be artificially weird."

"I’m pro science-funding. I don’t think it’s terrible but it's probably not as high as it should be..."

Thank you for sharing. You guys are getting all the big scoops from Elon nowadays.

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