2014 U.S. Tesla Model S

Having had to live without a Tesla Model S will to come to an end this fall, finally! because the lease on our BMW 550i concludes in November 2013.

Bur now I'm thinking of waiting until January 2014 to order the Tesla Model S so we'd have a 2014 vintage car and since Tesla has indicated that they use the calendar year to indicate the Model year.

I'm thinking/hoping that perhaps by then the 2014 U.S. Tesla Model S will have the Parking Sensors which the European Model S got in June 2013 and maybe it'll finally get mirrors than fold in electrically when the driver wants that.

Whadda ya think 2014 will bring to the Model S ?

When your that close you can wait and see. However the price could rise. I am nervously waiting for July 2014 and we have already seen price increases.

It could also be that if there is a 2014 model with new hardware features that they'll be available for a similarly priced upgrade and you'll spend for months without a Tesla.

Julio at the Canoga Park showroom told me this evening that he overheard a manager mention that parking sensors are 1-2 months away and that a retrofit option will likely be offered; however, it'll likely involve sending the car back up to Northern Cali for it to be done.
Power mirrors will likely not come to the car at all as the mounting arm is too thin to fit the electric motor needed.

You folks are great!
Thank you CalabasasKid 1-2 months for parking sensors would bring them in by September/October 2013 and power mirrors very unlikely.
You're right tommers, why spend any additional time without a Tesla and as Kimscar says, there'd likely be another price increase.
So, Tesla in November 2013 -- bring it on!

Folding mirrors wouldn't be very useful, because the rear fender panel is wider than the doors. Folded, the mirrors are not much wider than the body is anyway.

Elon has mentioned that the Model S will not get a "refresh" until year 3 or 4.

Obviously that does not preclude incremental improvements. I do not think that they will wait for the model year to end to bring them. They will likely be included as they are ready.

DTsea is correct, while at lunch today there was an MS parked right outside my window. I was making the same comment to a co-worker that the rear fenders are about as wide as the mirrors.

Man this car is wide, it was parked next to a bmw 3 series and it makes it look slim.

Changes to the Model S are not based on the model year. It is a continuous upgrade process. It is essentially a 2014 for the purposes of VIN number issuance and car registration purposes.

Features could be offered or changed at any point in time throughout the year.

Can't think of anything worth two months of driving pleasure.

I believe that Captan_Zap is correct. A December 2013 model will most likely be identical to the January 2013 model.

sorry that should be January 2014 model.

Folding mirrors don't give as much benefit as with many other cars because the mirrors are mounted further in than most and would only give a couple of inches extra clearance. For me the mirrors give a better view of the actual width of the car and helps me to know the if I miss the mirror I also won't scrape a body panel. Think of it as a feature!

I am guessing they will add park distance control to the 2014 version, and possibly a cold weather package like the European version already has (grrrr). I don't really need either, but PDC would be useful at time I think. Otherwise, I'm thinking things will remain as is.

I just hope the European deliveries go well, since WiFi is already enabled over there. Hopefully soon, the US will get that update.

2013 vs 2014

If you wait untill 2014 you will have to wait until 2015 to receive the $7,500 but if you purchase the MS in 2013 you can get the Tax Credit in 2014.

Comfortable in waiting a year for the $7,500?

Ciao, Don

I expect continuous quality improvement and more options from Tesla over time. This will not be based on year, the changes are ongoing. I bought an SP-- now there is an SP+. Tesla may eventually create an improved version that I want to trade my S in for (or I might have a "late life crisis" & get whatever supercar roadster they create years from now).

Being free from ICE vehicles and the grip of car dealerships is wonderful! I have everything I was hoping for and more with my SP. I waited 18 months because I had to (delivered 12/29/12). When to buy is a decision of logic, finances and hedonism. I would not advise delaying your gratification any longer than necessary...

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