3rd Major Elon Annoucement is out: Service

Here is the link:

Looks like we will get P85's when dropping out cars for service and they will even deliver it to our location!


Interesting that there is no press release about this yet.

Great. I just got my MS back after 2.5 weeks in the shop... what a royal pain to drive an ICE. Also not to have bring it to the service is appreciated.

Does that mean we don't need Rangers?

Yes, one does wonder what the point of Rangers is now?

Rangers service your car at your home, this is just the service staff member dropping off the fancy P85 loaner at your home.

I'm sure that the one or two owners in Alaska will appreciate the ranger service.

Well, if your car can't be driven, you might need a Ranger.

Seems to me that if a loaner will be dropped of at my home when my car is picked up for service (via a tow truck if necessary), then I may not need to order the service plan option which includes Ranger service.

1st: financing
2nd: ????
3rd: this

Why pay extra up front for Tesla Rangers?
I ask for refund......

I have been trying to get an answer about Ranger Service from Tesla without any luck. Simple question:
if one prepays for ranger service, does that cover taking the car to the shop for wheel balancing and alignment, which cannot be done by a ranger?

Any official proclamations on this would be of help
in deciding if I should get ranger service. With
the new announcement I find it hard to see why we need ranger service. Comments?

Wow! This is awesome news! I wish they would have done it earlier as I just got my car out of the shop where it was for 9 days!!!!!

Are we counting our pennies again? Guess what - Tesla is evolving and that is great. Elon didn't wake up with all the detailed answers, his staff has to figure that out.

I don't think the article says delivery of the loaner to your location is free if you haven't paid for ranger service.

Would expect they deliver the loaner to those with ranger service, the rest of is would drive and deliver/pick up. Would seem fair IMHO

@Runar that's what I would assume as well.

@gimp_dad - The article doesn't say one way or the other whether the loaner will be delivered for free. But I don't think the loaner is related to the Ranger service. The loaner is included whenever your service will exceed four hours. It would be a waste of resources to send a Ranger out simply to deliver the loaner and pick up your car. They have less expensive employees for those tasks. And I can't see them charging $100 for the pickup service. When I have had service at TM, someone has driven me back to the house as a courtesy (of course, I live close). But courtesy pick up and drop off is certainly common when getting your car serviced. I guess we'll see.

Courtesy car is never for free... maybe it is not listed as a line item, but then it is hidden somewhere else.
I would not mind to have a pre-paid plan.

Another good reason to buy a Tesla EV, this is good news indeed.

So, this was the third announcement of Elon Musk.

And the 4th announcement is going to be about the Superchargers, right?

@Benz.. yes! Oh.. feels like Christmas .:-D

Have they been juiced up to max 120kw, and chargetime reduced by 1/3?

@ Runar

My guess is that the distance on the highways inbetween 2 Supercharger locations will now be less than the 150 miles (as stated before). Maybe they have decided to reduce that distance to roundabout 120 miles? That would mean that there will be more Supercharger locations than there were announced in September 2012.

Aah, he just killed my business plan. I was thinking of doing something similar, and getting the service to pay for my Model S...
The idea was to sell at least 100 Model S with 1000€ up, for the service, and I would get a Model S as a 'spare'.

No referral program, no dealerships, no more added value service. There is no money to be made by trying to sell a Model S.


Here's the info sticker from the newest Harris ranch superchargers, note they say "Supercharger 120":

Why is there nothing to be found on the Tesla Motors website about these Tesla Model S loaners?

Why has there not even been anything on Twitter (from Elon Musk or from Tesla Motors) referring to this third announcement.

And no press release? Why?

Interesting, the max output 210x410 is 86.1KW.

@vinod- From the Tesla Service Plan Terms and Conditions, page 2:

• Wheel alignment*; and
• Tire rotation*.

* Must be done at a Tesla Service Center and cannot be performed by a Tesla Ranger. If Your scheduled maintenance is performed by a Tesla Ranger, You may schedule this service at no additional charge with advance notice to a Tesla Authorized Service Center.

sorry, it does not look like 120kW, more like 90kW :(

This is wonderful news. Didn't truly appreciate my S until I went vacation and spent a week driving an ICE rental. They seem jurrasic by comparison now. All that noise and all those fumes.

I don't see how everyone in service will get a loaner. My car was in the Costa Mesa shop for 9 days. The 1st day there were so many other cars they were working on they couldn't even diagnose my problem. There appear to be approximately 10 lifts in the garage. When I picked up my car the shop appeared to be full as well. I have heard the LA service center is backed up as are others. And these numbers will be growing with 500 cars per week being delivered. 80 loaner cars probably means 1 - 4 cars per center depending on how busy each one is. My guess is the loaner's will be doled out for only those customers in the most dire situations.

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