An Aftermarket Approach to TM's Opportunity Console

Those with an interest in the development of a viable aftermarket center console option can follow the latest progress of the Center Console Insert (CCI) at: Soflauthor’s Center Console Insert at TMC in the “Tesla Parts for Sale” forum. I posted a new progress report with some rendering of the fabrication design earlier today.

The mods at TMC set up a special thread for the CCI, so with the exception of pointers like this one. That’s where I’m posting progress reports and fielding questions/comments.

I hope you stop by to see (and if you're so inclined, comment on) the latest progress.

Any plans for other designs? Just being up front that the current design does not spark my interest to purchase.

Interesting that Tesla didnt do it themselves. it's pretty costly for what it is and i'm sure if it was an option it could be done for less expense during manufacturing but may be TMC thought it tacky to charge for a center console so just as soon leave it out?
My wife actually doesnt want it because she likes the center as is for her purse and the little shelf holds the sunglasses.
I think there will be updates to the software so everything from your cell phone will be fully displayed-a cell phone holder would be the only additioin I would need

How does the CCI "stay put?"

@Laryrob - I think mostly it is because Tesla doesn't want it, just like lack of door pockets, handles above the doors, or many other things that people like to complain about. There has been talk of an Opportunity Console, that would be provided by Tesla, but I haven't heard much about it ever since they added the "chin cubby" beneath the display. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for one.

@cloroxbb - mostly friction fit along the sides, though I think I remember mention of optional velcro.

..."a cell phone holder would be the only additioin I would need"

I badly need a coffee cup holder that is not an accident waiting to happen, like the ones provided that are exactly where your elbows go! My wife likes the open area for her purse, but an accident free cup holder trumps that, at least if I'm driving!

@virtualarry: We have plans for other products, but NOT another center console. We (and apparently, many others) happen to like the design, but style is very personal ...

@Laryrob: TM is committed to a minimalist interior. We have had conversations with TM folks (not reps) and they believe that the minimalist feel is the right way to go.

@cloroxbb: The CCI is a friction fit inside the center channels. It does not move once placed into the channels. No other fastening mechanism is required, meaning that there is no modification to your car -- none. I've driven with the CCI in my Model S for over 4 months and it has never moved, rattled, or jumped -- even over rough terrain.

@jat: I view the "opportunity console" as an opportunity for us all :)

@GoTeslaChi: The CCI cup holder works very well ... I use it every morning on the way to our facility. It easily reachable, but not in the way. BTW, the CCI works nicely with a purse. Instead of lying on the floor, it's more easily accessible being 7.5" off the floor, but still out of the way. See pics at our website here:


Do you know if there are plans for more designs? I would buy one with 2 cup holders (or more). Thanks for the previous reply

@cloroxbb wrote: "Do you know if there are plans for more designs? I would buy one with 2 cup holders (or more). Thanks for the previous reply."

As I mentioned, we have plans for other accessories, but not another CCI design. We quite satisfied with the one we've got. WRT the cup holder count--the low profile design of the CCI (to maintain TM's open space interior feel) limits the amount of CCI deck space available and we wanted to provide closed storage space that was meaningful. We designed the CCI with a single, very conveniently located driver's cup holder. Recall, that the model S does have two additional cup holders (in the center column) that can be used by a passenger.

I find that with the cubby (I know some don't have it yet) and the pocket on the driver seat I really don't need any more storage. Especially since I'll be able to use the cup holders as hidden storage once I get my new one installed.

@goteslachicago - I ordered the Audi cup holder from Amazon for $30 an am waiting for it to arrive now. Not perfect, but looks like a good interim solution that won't leave any permanent marks if/when removed. Described on this thread:

(Thanks Tommy!)


Just to be clear, when I referred to the cup holder being an accident waiting to happen, I was referring to the original ones, not the one with your CCI.

@GoTeslaChicago, if you use the passenger side original cup holder, does it still interfere with your elbow? That's what I do on my commutes and it works well for me, but might not for you if: 1) your arms/elbows are bigger than mine; or 2) you have a front seat passenger.

Love what CCI has done, but don't have enough money left to buy it! Here is my poor man's version:

I hope more companies decide to make center consoles for the Tesla, so that we can have many options/configurations.


You make a good point, but it requires too high a level of vigilance for me (and no passenger). Also the cup holder is not very deep, so knocking something over is relatively easy.

It's not good enough to not spill anything most of the time, so up till now my Model S is a no food & drink zone.

$1,158? Seriously? Are you out of your minds? I thought you were overhyping this thing, but now I see why. Good luck selling these.

Worth maybe half as much.

It is very nice looking and was expecting to purchase one but I was expecting it in the $250-$350 range.
Sorry but I'm out.

Good luck.

About 400 is what I expected. Oh well, it stays as it is......


Love the concept and greatly respect the effort and time necessary to design these products, but in my humble opinion, you're not likely to find much of a market among enthusiastic Model S owners at these price points. If you can find a way to sell them at $250-$350, then count me in as a customer. Otherwise, I am also out.

Wow. This is an expensive accessory given the CCI should be part of the Model S to begin with. Any premium car out there has one. Are we paying for Tesla's shortcoming? I have a difficult time to swallow this one.

Each of us perceives the value of every item we purchase differently. Therefore, it’s perfectly understandable that some might think the CCI is too expensive, while others will gladly pay for the value it delivers.

We’ve crafted a custom product—designed explicitly for a premium automobile. We’ve provided functionality that enhances the Model S. We’ve used materials that correspond to the colors, shapes, and trims that are an integral part of the Model S interior. We’ve priced the CCI right in line with other important Model S options and considerably below others. The CCI is a premium, precision fabricated, custom-designed, hand-crafted product, and is priced accordingly.

I first conceived of the CCI long before my Model S was delivered, based solely on pics of the beta prototype. I proposed it as something that TM might build, and discussed my design openly and often on this forum and at TMC. When I saw that that a TM-originated center console wasn’t going to happen in any reasonable time frame, I decided that rather than complaining on the forums, I’d try to build something that other Model S owners might like. I never planned to start a little company. It sort of happened organically, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have to deal with every risk that faces every start-up, including a rather substantial financial risk.

Bottom line -- we built something that “fits” the interior of the Model S. Something that you can proudly place in this magnificent, groundbreaking automobile.

I’m not the least bit surprised that the CCI isn’t for everyone—never thought it would be. But for those who seek a quality, integrated center console solution for a premium vehicle, we're confident the CCI delivers.


Seeing some of the responses on this site about $1000 being a trivial amount of money after spending 100k on the car... Im sure you will get some sales on the thing. Good luck with your new business! :)

I like the product, but it's way too pricey for me. I was hoping for something around $300-400. Maybe TM will come out with some other options for us.

I agree it provides value and perhaps would have provided more value had Tesla not added 2 cup holders in newer models. Since the cup holders were the big value proposition for me when I first looked at this product several months ago...Im out regardless of cost.

Now if you ripped out redundant the cup holders and put in a Kerig coffee machine, that might get my attention :)

Soflauthor: Thank you for the thoughtful reply around the pricing reactions. I'm interested in your product, and will consider benefits vs. cost carefully.

I wanted to also thank you for your decision to make the CCI in the USA. I imagine there are great temptations to manufacture items oversees as well as additional complications. If I do decide to purchase a CCI you could sure count on me mentioning with pride that it was assembled in America, just like the Model S. Please resist any suggestions to look at overseas assembly.

Two questions for those that feel the CCI is too expensive:

1. Have you priced out what a custom auto interior shop would charge for a similar center console?

2. If and when TM makes a center console, what do you think they will charge?

Trying to repeat myself for those who don't hear.

1. CCI that was offered is not worth this much money.
2. Custom CCI could cost thousands of dollars, depends on design and quality.
3. If TM builds CCI they have to include it in price of the vehicle, it can't be an option.
4. I'd better order privately CCI for my car the way I like, spend even more money but get a product that I choose

Wow, haven't seen a sensation like this since the Model S European pricing announcement, or the Canadian pricing, or the cost to add Super Charging to the 60's, or the Maintenance Plan. Money definitely brings out emotions on this forum.

Anyway, I still haven't come up with a way to economically justify my Model S. Not the gas savings, not reduced maintenance, there really isn't a financial justification. But it is a really cool, amazing car and I wanted one. Similarly, probably not an economic justification for the CCI either, but I think it will be a nice addition and improvement to my S, so I will be getting one.

After all the complaints about lack of storage and badly placed cup holders, I applaud soflauthor's efforts. Personally I would have have just complained about it, so great to see someone with the initiative, passion and follow-through that has gotten the CCI to market. Well done!

p.s. If the shipping mark up is as high as TM charged for my cargo net, then I'm taking back all the nice things I said.

As someone that's had to order custom fabricated parts (PARTS, NOT completed assemblies) I find it unbelievable that people are complaining about the price.

This isn't something being mass produced, it's a custom piece. Those don't benefit from economies of scale.

I like the CCI and is definitely something I will consider when I get the car... whenever that will be (Norway)...

But seeing cliff@hannelcon... solution, which by itself is a good solution to to storage problem challenge, TM should be ashamed of themselves! A luxury car like MS and nowhere to put your stuff? Unbelievable! Someone has had a mind of design and design alone, and not the practicalities of real life. It gives Soflauthor a business opportunity and bless him for grabbing it. The opportunity however is due to a serious short circuit in the minds of upper echelons of TM. And that needs to get fixed.

Not that it will make any difference when it comes to my ordering of the car. I long for it anyway :-)

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