An Aftermarket Approach to TM's Opportunity Console

Those with an interest in the development of a viable aftermarket center console option can follow the latest progress of the Center Console Insert (CCI) at: Soflauthor’s Center Console Insert at TMC in the “Tesla Parts for Sale” forum. I posted a new progress report with some rendering of the fabrication design earlier today.

The mods at TMC set up a special thread for the CCI, so with the exception of pointers like this one. That’s where I’m posting progress reports and fielding questions/comments.

I hope you stop by to see (and if you're so inclined, comment on) the latest progress.


Great initiative.
Your price is quite ok, bearing in mind the small production numbers and your time and money invested.

Just posted some new information about veneers for the Custom CCI at TMC.

We now have finished versions of CF, Obeche matte and gloss, and Lacewood. Piano black will arrive tomorrow. Store opens for our waiting list next week.

If you have interest, visit

The CCI Piano Black deck trim has just been posted at our site. We now have all 23 variants of the product which you can see here:

Standard CCI - Black/Tan/Grey w/ black textured plastic deck

Custom CCI - Black/Tan/Grey/White w/ Carbon Fiber, Obeche Matte and Gloss, Lacewood, and Piano Black

I notice you are intending a full line of TM aftermarket accessories. Including a screw-in Jesus Handle? :)


Could you please post a picture with an iPhone fully seated and charging in the holster. I'm interested to see the spatial relationship between the phone, attached USB cable and if possible a thumb drive in the other USB port. I think many of us will be using this configuration.

Thank you!

@Robert22: I'm pretty sure that we have a pic of that at our website. Try this:

If it's not what you're looking for, let me know and we'll try to accommodate.

@Soflauthor, Thank you for your efforts with the lovely CCI.

Looking ahead, do you plan to offer back of front seat storage pockets, say similar to the 2013 BMW 3 series with tight mesh and reinforced top? Very sharp and very practical. They could easily be fastened to the plastic seat backs and solve backseat storage and beverage holder issues in one fell swoop without losing the middle seat to an removable console solution.

These shouldn't be expensive to make. The trick would be fabricating them to fit. If priced around $250 IMO you'd sell them to a gigantic number of MS owners. A friend of mine who did a factory tour yesterday confirmed with Tesla they are not planning to offer these themselves when their Opportunity Console(s) finally hits the shelves so you'd have the market to yourself.

I hope your company thrives!


We do have a few ideas for storage in the rear seating area, and they do include cup holders for the back (with no loss of the middle seat) and something along the lines of what you've proposed for the seat backs.

As I've mentioned a few times already on this forum, we're swamped with the CCI start-up. If things go well with the CCI, we'll begin other design projects in a few months. We'll try to be as transparent with those as we have been with the CCI.

BTW, thx for the kind words.

Tomorrow, we open our CCI store - a major milestone! In time, the CCI store will become our main portal for the CCI and future products, but for now, our modest (public) web site will remain up-and-running.

For the next few months and possibly longer, the CCI store will be accessible by invitation only for those who have joined our CCI Waiting List. Waiting List members will be invited into the store in the order in which they joined the CCI Waiting List, beginning tomorrow with Signature waiting list members and then proceeding to groups of production waiting list members. We do this to manage our production ramp-up and ensure that every CCI meets its owner’s expectations.

The CCI Waiting List continues to grow, and if you’re just learning about the CCI and have interest in it, we encourage you to join the list at

Our objective in developing the CCI was to provide an easily accessible driver’s cup holder, a closed storage space, and a phone holder. We did accomplish those things. But that was not our goal.

Our goal, from the beginning, was to provide those things in a design package that truly fits the Model S.

Our goal was to provide a product that could be installed easily by a Model S owner without any physical modification that might alter the Model S.

Our goal was to blend seamlessly with the Model S design, to complement interior trim and upholstery in all variations and add to the visual appeal of the Model S interior.

To achieve all of that, we had to solve a lot of problems and make hundreds of design and implementation decisions. It wasn’t easy, but no one ever said it would be.

Throughout all of this, we were inspired and humbled by the intelligence, elegance, and craftsmanship that the design and engineering teams at Tesla achieved with the Model S. We can’t possibly hope to match their skill, but after this journey, we truly appreciate (possibly more than most) the work that went into their creation.

We look forward to seeing you in the CCI Store.

We're pleased to report that we were able to ship a number of Standard CCIs during our first week. We built up some inventory in anticipation of our launch. We're building veneer decks for all Custom CCI orders over the next week or so, and we hope to be able to ship some Custom CCIs within the next few weeks (ahead of projected schedule). To those who ordered Custom CCIs, thanks for your patience.

The first 100 members of our CCI Production Waiting List will be provided with access to our invitation-only store on Tuesday. The CCI Production Waiting List is now quite long, so if you're on it, please be patient -- you will get access, but it might take some time. Again, the reason is that we're trying to control our production ramp-up. If you're not on the waiting list and have interest in the CCI, it might be a good idea to sign-up at:

We've had a very good first week. To all Model S owners who ordered this week -- many thanks!

@ soflauthor

Thanks for responding. Will take another look at your site.

Was I imagining it or did I read somewhere that you were taking a look at the B-pillar wear issue?


how do we find out where in the queue we are?

@Robert: We are not currently looking at the B-Pillar issue. That's something that Tesla should address internally.

@cfriedberg: We did not assign CCI production waiting list numbers. We'll send you an email when your group of 100 CCI Production Waiting List comes up for access into the CCI store. We're grouping folks by the date they signed up to the list, which began in October, 2012, so if you've signed up recently, patience must be a virtue. We will get to you ... promise.

@Soflauthor - We are an impatient lot :) What you might do, if you have the time, is periodically post the CCI Production Waiting List confirmation email date range group you are currently working with. Would give us some sense of when we might expect your invitation email.

I believe Robert was referring to a shield, or add-on protective layer, not an actual fix of the pillar.

@Stevenmaifert: Good idea! We'll do that beginning with the email we send to the first 100 CCI Production Waiting List members on Tues.

@BrianH: You're right. My bad. We've added it to the list of possible accessories, but guys, you gotta give us a chance to properly launch the CCI first :) We have at least 10 items on the to be considered for future products list at the moment.

I was indeed referring to a barrier-type product, thanks for clarifying.

Great to hear it's on your list. A low-profile, wear-resistant wrap material with a leather-safe easily removable adhesive backing came to me in a dream, but I'm happy to leave design considerations in your capable hands.

@soflauthor: 10 items under consideration and you don't list what they are? You tease!

@bobinfla: No intention to tease. My motto is -- talk about stuff only when you're ready to build something -- before that, it's just talk :)

I will say that the likely next candidate will be rear seat cup holders and storage, but as I mentioned, that's not for a while yet.

+1 Solflauthor on rear seat cup holders and storage. IMO your company will sell more of those than the CCI and be your biggest profit item.

Soflauthor if you do design the rear seat console, could you just replicate somewhat the design that Tesla teased us with? That should speed up the design process. I was told that they have no intentions on coming out with one for quite some time as they are focusing on producing cars and fixing any bugs that arise.

@Mgil wrote: Soflauthor if you do design the rear seat console, could you just replicate somewhat the design that Tesla teased us with? That should speed up the design process.

I really like the Tesla prototype design, but many have argued that it eliminates one of the rear seats. We think that there's another solution that would allow the 3 rear seats to remain usable and yet still provide two cup holders and a little storage in an effective manner.

But all of this is not even on the drawing board (what an antiquated phrase :) yet. There an awful lot we need to do to make CCI delivery more efficient and to ramp up production. That has to come first.

On Tuesday, we invite the first group of CCI Production List members (I'll post the date range that defines the first Production group tomorrow or early Tuesday) into our invitation-only CCI Store. Hopefully, that will result in additional CCI orders and an even greater need to focus on CCI ramp-up for the moment.

Tomorrow afternoon at just after 4:00pm EDT, we'll send an email with appropriate access information to the first 100 members of our CCI Production Waiting List. As promised a few posts back (hat tip to @Stevenmaifert), here's a very rough indication of where you might stand if you're on the waiting list and remember the approximate date you signed on:

The folks who will gain access to our invitation-only CCI store tomorrow signed onto the waiting list between October 17, 2012 and December 4, 2012. I would advise against trying to do a rough linear extrapolation from that number. The sign-up curve went non-linear in December and continues to grow rapidly so ... If you haven't gotten on the list and have interest, visit

Tomorrow, we ship the first group of Custom CCIs (all with CF decks) to some of the folks who ordered last week. We'll try to ship some additional Custom CCIs (with other veneers) later in the week. We're very proud of the fact the we're shipping well ahead of promised fulfillment dates, but please be patient as we encounter an occasional back-ordered component or veneer.

As an aside, it's fascinating to see the most popular trims and upholstery colors emerge from our ordering profile. I'll share some of this data with you, but not until we've seen at least a month or two of orders so that the statistics are meaningful.

Meaningless statistics are the most fun to extrapolate!

I received mine and installed it today.

Top-notch photo gallery of the CCI - nice photos. Others have taken your lead, pointing out your gallery on TMC, and following up with some photojournalism of their own, with their own versions of CCI galleries of the tan model, then, black version dressed with carbon fiber too later in this thread:

This morning, we sent out CCI Store invitations to another 100 members of the CCI Waiting list. To date, 300 people have gained access to the store. If you signed onto the CCI Waiting List on or before December 27, 2012, you should now have received an invitation. Next week we'll send another 100 invitations. For those further down the list, thanks for your patience.

We began shipping veneer decks for the CCI this week and have now shipped Lacewood, Obeche Gloss, and Piano Black, along with Carbon Fiber. Correspondence to Model S trims has exceeded our expectations. We hope to begin shipping Obeche Matte soon.

We know of at least two owners of the CCI who have already begun to trick it out" For an interesting and excellent adaption, see Artsci's "Modifications to Soflauthor's very fine CCI" thread at:

The CCI will also be a part of fully customized (inside and out) Model S that will appear soon.

We also had our first dual order—husband and wife owners of Model Ss who both wanted CCIs. Actually, they could have swapped the CCI from car to car, except that they had different interiors :)

It's very cool to think that the CCI is now installed in Model Ss across the USA. And it all began with a sketch and a foam prototype in the Dania Beach store. Amazing.

We're working very hard to streamline our production and fulfillment processes so that we can shorten delivery times, but for now, ramp up will continue to be slow as we figure out the best strategies for all of this.

The CCI: Design & Art can coexist in concert & is testament to engineering execution! I have the Tan with Obeche-gloss. In case you want to see pictures you can find them on my TMC thread here:!/page11?p=304709&viewfull=1#post304709

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