Any luck with Rhapsody on Android via Bluetooth?

I use Rhapsody (unlimited downloading, grandfathered in at $10/mo. for 3 devices!) on my Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3. It plays fine via Bluetooth, but the Tesla display thinks it's playing a sont that doesn't exist any more on my phone, so although I can play my music, I don't get cover art, song names, etc. Anybody have any luck with that yet?

Works fine with iPhone; don't know about Android.

Will try from my iPad tonight...

I have Galaxy Nexus and Rhapsody plays fine, but I also get no cover art or song info. Tesla controls (skip, pause, etc.) sometimes work, sometimes don't. just fine with my iPad.i wish you could have a phone and an iPad connected by Bluetooth concurrently!

I don't use Rhapsody, but I have no problems playing Google Music via Bluetooth on my GS3 with proper titles and (usually) coverart. Sounds like maybe they aren't sending the tags over Bluetooth properly.

Yeah, Google Music works fine, but Rhapsody lets me play anything, online or offline (apparently unlike Slacker!).

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