Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Just wondering...What do you think the average age of a Tesla Model S owner is/will be? I'm 40, which I would guess would be towards the younger end of average, but by no means the youngest. What are your thoughts (not that this is relevant of anything, I was just wondering!)

Jeez, I posted this once, don't know what happened to it:

"Well, at 219 entries the average is now almost exactly 48."

Thanks for your humor-my grandsons are nearly 6 ft tall and won't fit back there. And they get all excited when anything is said about the Model S!

Thanks, Brian...I'm getting even further under the average, as we all keep getting older and older, waiting for our cars...

I'm excited to be above average on something! Wait, maybe I should rethink this........

I'm 19 (yeah, really). I hope to get the car before I turn 50...

You will PaulinaEm and you'll pay a lot less for it than we did.

I made my reservation in June, then turned 33 in July. I hope to get my Model S (#10,074) before I turn 34.

Reservation # R75..signed up at the launch event. 41 in January when the car is delivered.

I'm 27... Been following this company since they announced that they were going to build the roadster. Had less than 600 dollars to my name in 2009 or else i believe I would have been one of the first reservation holders.

36 and an anxious P85 reservation holder!

My average age is 11! Car reserved and current age is not surprisingly twice my average (22). Very excited about this electric masterpiece from a company named after one of my favourite historic, and heroic, scientists!

I will be 29 when my model S arrives,

I guess I'm just average... 47.

My wife (24) and Im 28 reservation 8665

58 and 60.

I am 25.

I won't say my age, but when I drove my Tesla to show my dad is weekend, he liked it so much that he also ordered one! He is 91, might be the oldest owner? his reservation number is 14168.

51 and dedicated to living life as a constant mid-life fling :)

If it has a motor, I'm in. I now need to clarify that electric motors are welcome.

Fantastic, portia! My father-in-law is almost 92, and his daughters recently bought him a test drive in a Lamborghini. It was at Candlestick Park in SF, and he really stood out among all the other people lined up for the drive. He had a ball, and even floored it (at the urging of his copilot).

@dahtye | August 21, 2012
Brian H, thanks for the calcs...
However, not to be nitpicky, but, well, I guess I am being nitpicky.....

I just twigged where that rhetoric came from. Were you referring to: Office Memo?

I'm 70. For most of my 20's I was an impoverished student; and although dying for a Corvette, I couldn't begin to afford one. When I became successful and could afford to pay cash for a Corvette, I no longer wanted one... too awkward to get into, harsh ride, not plush enough, etc.
Now, after a lifetime of cushy sedans, I can finally enjoy something close to the speed and excitement of a Corvette while wrapping myself in luxury.
I can't wait for my Performance P859 to get here. :-)


Yep, as far as I can see ...

I'll guess he was 25 when you were borne, so that makes you the same age as I am.

My dad was a professor in Automotive Engineering at one time, he knows a lot about cars! Not a lot about Tesla, but obviously I told him when I ordered mine 2 years ago. He didn't think he would need another car, but this will be a great car to have. Oh, and he is not getting the performance version :)

31, 30 when I made the reservation


Mitrabbit is 72 and Portia's father in law is 92.
My age is in between, sequence #2,777. Hope to get my S in gear before the 92 year old gets his.

no, @douglasR mentioned a father-in-law, but not getting a Tesla.
my father is 91, since he just reserved his, his reservation number is in the 14000's so you will get your first for sure

I'm 36. But I wonder why the average based on Brian H's last tally is as high as 48 on over 200 entries. It seems more seniors are interested in futuristic ideas. Or could the issue just be affordability? Seniors have more money to spend and/or less avenue to spend it on???

coyness is not useful on a thread tabulating ages.

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