back seat foldable?

Hi, I test drove model S in LA last weekend. But I forgot to ask if the back seats can be folded down to allow me to have more cargo space. I have not seen any photos with the bcck seats folded down. I am not talking about the optional child seat in the truck space.

Thanks in Advance

Yes, the back seats can be folded down. They are 60/40 fold down seats. The claim is that you can fit a surfboard, mountain bike and a 50 inch tv all at the same time in the back of a Model S!

I was told it can also fit a queen size mattress?

Queen size bed fits? Good to know if my wife makes me sleep in it!

This way (with Queen size mattress) I can take my mistress for a ride.

I believe the quote was "You can almost fit a queen size mattress". It's on the Model X reveal video.

Correctin: if -> when

If a queen 'almost' fits, a standard double should go in without crumpling. Cozier quarters, of course, but...
stephen, get your mistress to write a review for us after she's tried you out in it.

Use an inflatable mattress. That's what the 12V connection is for.


You are totally right! Why waste the space except when I need it, anyway?

Or a waterbed, with portable pump ...


You can use the battery cooling fluid for the waterbed!

The dimensions of the back cargo space with the seats folded down are 72" long by 38" wide (measured between the bumps for the wheels - namely the flat part) in the car that I measured in Fremont. That means that the floor space in the Model S is just slightly bigger than the back of my 4Runner with the seats folded down (which measures 68" by 38"). Which means my road bike will fit in the back with the seats folded down. Pretty impressive!

Photo of the rear seats folded down from the TMC forums.

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