Benefits of owning an electric vehicle in New Jersey ?

Have any one done research of owning an electric vehicle in NJ? If so could you guys and girls share your experiences ? How Many Nj owners? I am expecting delivery.

Federal incentives

State Incentives

Local Incentives

municipalities incentives

I know for a fact you do not have to pay any sales tax on the vehicle in NJ.
Federal tax credit of $7,500.
Some electric companies have different rates for EVs and charging from 12 - 5am is usually reduced rates.

I'm waiting for my delivery; next April they say.
I have been waiting 3 years already.

Additionally, Tesla will start building cars equipped with 60kWh battery packs, which will join the range-topping models with the 85 kWh battery packs that were first to launch

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Will the 85 kwh will get better range?

All I know about are the lack of State Tax and the Fed. $7500.

I take delivery of a 60kwh car in Trenton this Thursday. Guessing I'll have the first 100% electric car in our State Capitol.



I live in South Jersey and took possession of a 85kwh performance model last week. Love the car!! Good luck.


I live in Westfield and mine was delivered Saturday - It's amazing. 85kwh

my car finally is coming in two wks, very excited here.

mine is already on a truck heading to the Queens SC. They said it's in AZ and I should expect to get it the week of 2/10. I might just go there to pick it up instead of waiting for it to get delivered here in Monroe.

the excitement is unbearable.

i meant the wait is unbearable. Too excited to even think properly.

I read that Tesla is going to have Model S sold in Germany to be capable to use 3 phase electrify ( 2 hot and one neutral coming from the outside lines) . I wonder if the ones been sold here are capable to use it here too since I have such a service in my office. Does any one has an opinion?

I am wondering if Tesla will consider getting into v2g (vehicle to grid) technology
in the near future. Any one has read something about it?

I doubt it, since this will put additional wear on the batteries if they are used for this purpose.

My car is on transit since yesterday . I guess will be home in one week.

You should be able to get a "Green" EZ-Pass with reduced rates.

You should be able to use HOV lanes (please check first!).

Control your car from your cell phone or android now both available for down load.

just got delivery today having a lot of fun.

Has any one consider switching from rs to rlm plan, for more info go to
This could potentially save money.

Most residential customers are billed on a Residential Service or “RS” rate. PSE&G also offers a “Time-Of-Use” or “TOU” rate known as the Residential Load Management, or “RLM” rate, which may be advantageous for EV owners to consider. By switching to the RLM rate from your normal RS rate, you may save money when you charge your vehicle on the weekend and certain hours during the week.

Hi Ramon,

Congratulation on your new Model S and thanks for the information on RLM. It is certainly worth exploring.

Check out this article from

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TOU VS RML rates PSE&G in New Jersey. Charging your car during or off peak times during the day.

According to my accountant, anyone owning the Tesla, will be eligible for the federal tax credit as long as the car is registered personally, not through a corporation

I called PSE&G yesterday and found out I pay 11 cents a Khw with TOU.

To switch service to RLM would cost us 24 cents per Khw. Makes no sense to me. Sticking with what we have for now.

We are checking out EZ Pass green discounts, but like any government agency it is so complicated online that I think we will have to wait until we get our new license plates.

Just came back from Delaware supercharge station where my son and I took a ride to test the charger. To my surprise, there were approximately 15 Model S Teslas waiting to be charged up. They were trying to replicate John Broder's trip in support of Tesla Motors. The chargers were not functioning properly and must cars were not able to charge. I certainly did not get to try the charger. I hope they are successful in their endeavor. I hope they will render their experience soon for our enjoyment.

This is an interesting... 15 model S cars with 4 supercharger bays... I want to take a trip to DC from Central NJ. It's 105 miles to the Delaware superchargers from my home in Manaquan and another 110 to DC. What happens if I get to the Delaware chargers and there is a line 4 cars deep, or the chargers are no working...?

Is there a way for us to see online the status of any given supercharger location? IE how many bays are working / open?

I don't think there are online status of the supercharger. I sure hope Tesla will implement that in the near future, like Chargepiont has, and add this feature to the mobile app as well. May be we should suggest it to Tesla, unless they are already working on it?

Try installing Recargo from add all the superchargers to your favorite list. It tells you if it is operational and when was last checkin. Other apps may give more information.

Thanks for the tip, will try the app!!!

Does any one has wifi capability in the car? I understand that was activated with a recent update in the software.


I took your advice and after calculating the daily consumption vs. the nightly current and future use, it made a lot of sense to switch to RLM (AKA Peak - Off Peak).

Here is a quick spreadsheet you can use if you can figure out the KWh used during the off peak hours. Just plug in the green numbers in watts.

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