Buttons on "My Tesla" have disappeared - what does it mean?

Under the large picture of of my reserved Model S on the "My Tesla" page, there was always a button for viewing my design. That has now disappeared, and there are no buttons there any more.

Is this a bug, or is this what happens right before it gets built? (Yes, I'm a bit excited)

Looking at the source of the website, there is a link there that says Design & Build, but it's hidden....

Dunno- But mine is the same...

I called Tesla today. They said they are updating the website, and it is not done yet.

The button for selecting service plan options, new last week, is also missing and is discussed in another thread.

Happened to me too, I emailed the rep and they fixed it.

is this happening to everyone or 40kWh only?

Happened to everyone. TM says it is an issue with the website and they are updating. No meaning behind it.

This happened to me as well. Today and got a call from Tesla giving me the window of delivery April 26 to May 10. I also now have button "Delivery" that has a checklist of items, including the delivery window, choice of delivery or pickup, and much more...I don't know details yet until I get home. It would inconvenient for work to bother my Tesla I'll have to wait.

Could just be a coincidence, but in my case...yes...exciting.

Congratulations! Did you order a 40, 60, or 85? Does your status still say something such as "The Tesla factory is building your Model S" or is it different now?

bt77057 when did you reserve?

I'm told it should be less than 60 days til delivery, but my lease is up in 60 days, so hope that's accurate!

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