Buyer's Remorse?

I'm about ready to finalize my MS order. Has any current MS owner experienced "buyer's remorse" after owning their car for a period of time? Buying the MS is big expense with questionable residual value years down the line.

None. Whatever is the complete opposite of buyer's remorse is what I experience every day. I look for excuses to drive it. It's a constant state of euphoria.

No remorse whatsoever. This is the finest car I have ever owned or driven. Quiet, quick, smooth, a joy. Plug and play!

This is the first car I've ever bought where I don't have buyer's remorse. I had remorse on my last car due to its price tag, and it was about $20k cheaper. For all of the cars, the remorse went away after a while, EXCEPT for the $15,000 Trans Am that I bought in 1984. I swore after that one I would never buy another American car...and I didn't--until now.

Nickniketown -

My 2012 Honda Odyssey just got a recall notice because of a problem with the driver's side airbag.

This is not a new manufacturer, nor is it a minor problem (it could be a MAJOR safety issue, after all).

I've previously had recalls on Mercedes, Acuras, Audis and Subarus.

Do you think I should stop buying Hondas until they come out with a new model? Should I wait a year or so until they get their manufacturing process down pat?

Or perhaps should I understand that NO car manufacturer is perfect, that even if I buy from the world's largest automakers I will still have to deal with 1) problems with an individual car or 2) systemic problems that result in recalls?

Your pessimism about Tesla is hard to understand, since every manufacturer deals with issues like these. And your optimism that somehow, when a GenIII is introduced, somehow Tesla will no longer be subject to the imperfections that afflict ALL manufacturers is similarly misplaced.

I'm not a reservation holder yet. I read these forums diligently and appreciate the honesty of the Model S owners as I make my purchase decision. But I can assure you that your strange crusade against the S is not adding to the conversation, nor will it serve to dissuade even someone who is in the midst of a decision process like mine.

It is uninformed blathering at this point.


Before you take the comment from nickniketown to hart you might want to read some other of his comments and the thread about him to ensure you put it in the right perspective.

I can unfortunately not speak from experience (am in EU and still will have to wait a while), only thing I can tell you is that from the thousands of threads I read I never seen anyone express remorse. There might be some disappointment here and there with the delivery experience and smaller issues but all in all they always seem to be offset by such a great driving experience and car that they are fast forgotten...

Any concerns in particular?

I've had buyer's remorse before as well with other cars. This one, no not at all even though this is by far the most expensive car I've ever bought (it cost more than my first house).

Also, please ignore nickniketown. He's a troll.

nickniketown@gm... - I fully expect manufacturing defects at some level. My 2012 Prius C (don't laugh) had a few defects that had to be resolved at the dealer.
blephneiben, petero, Ron5 - Much appreciated feedback - I drove a Roadster Sport for about a month straight and literally loved every second of the experience. Looking forward to my MS.

jeroens, David T. - My only concern is the price. When I see used
Roadsters for sale, the price is approx. half the original price paid. Regardless, I plan to keep the MS for a long time.

Mike, my only regret is I had to wait for it. Had it for a month, and love it. Please ignore nick. Hes a known troll and serial liar

6,500 miles and not regrets, AndrewB - Awesome. Great feedback!

Mike, I love mine...and can't imagine driving any other car at any price. Not one.


I think at a certain point it has been exposed that the agenda is not that the Gen III will have zero problems, and is most likely that the Gen III will never come to be because Tesla will not be in existence.

I really hope most newcomers take your position and read postings that have a very specific tone with limited to no experience with the car and dismiss it as "uninformed blathering" as you state.

It all depends on how much value you place on being part of this new wave of technology. I find it exhilirating, almost as exhilirating as driving the car. I'm very proud of the fact that my car has VIN 3446. So to me, this contributes to the value of the car.

3k miles here, 0 regrets. by far the best car I have ever been in. I look forward to driving it every time so far. This has the chance of being the game changer, getting us off of the destructive dependence on oil for our lives, and thats why so many are afraid of what Tesla is doing. Do it.

Hm. I see a couple of rebuttals to a comment (by nickniketown?), but I do not see a posting from him in this thread. Do I need new reading glasses or is there a post missing?

I love the car. No remorse at all despite the cost of the is three times what I have ever paid for a car.

I have regrets. Regret I didn't sell a kidney and get the Performance Model. Regrets that I have to wait 14 months for the Model X to be delivered to my wife. Regrets that I have to sleep and work which prevent me from driving, looking, washing, rubbing, sitting in the Model S. I've had a couple of problems and have a creak in my pano roof. They will be taken care of, and if they're not, it won't diminish my enjoyment of the car. I don't seek attention and I'm not crazy about people driving wildly to catch up with me and take my picture, but it happens. As much as I'd like to think it's me and not the car, I have to admit it never happened before.

You make a decision and take your chance. It's a car. Just a car and it's money, just money. If you don't like it, right now there are plenty of people who would take it off your hands at a price which wouldn't cost you much money.

I've loved every car I've ever bought. I wouldn't have bought them otherwise. Since I loved my old car when I went to buy a new one, the new car had to out pull my afftections for the old one. I think, prior to the MOdel S, I had the best car ever made. I still think it's the best car ever made, but it's old, has 330,000 miles on it and it's expensive to run and repair. I need to get into the 21st. Century. The Model S in one month and 2,000 miles has given me more pleasure, smiles, happiness, etc., than anything I've ever bought. Good luck.

@glaserud - he's been removed due to often unrelated, inaccurate and flames. We suspect he's paid to help devalue the stock for someone who losing a bundle shorting Tesla stock.

Absolutely no regrets with my MS. Never been happier with any car purchase before. I actually look forward to driving around!

@ glaserud
His post was either deleted by him or deleted as it was repeatedly market 'inappropriate'

Absolutely no remorse. The car is an absolute joy.

I don't think it is possible to delete your own comments after they are posted. I am pretty sure that flagging him as inappropriate is getting him deleted by the site administrator. Persistent little bugger.

I absolutely love the car. I had manufacturing errors, delivery problems, range issues, etc., and am now in legal hot water over this car due to licensing and inspection issues caused by TM, but would do it all again. It is absolutely the finest and most fun "thing" I have ever owned.

One caveat, for potential owners who see this as a big purchase and for whom the manufacturer's demise would cause financial heartache, you might think twice. These are really toys for the rich who can immediately write them off if things end badly. TM is till very much on the bubble financially and may burn through its remaining working capital this quarter. I bought the car with low expectations for TM's viability, so if they are around a year from now, will have a positive surprise.

My view is that if TM can get to Gen III, it will by then be a real company. The lowest volume "real" car companies do about 500,000 cars per year today (Volvo for example), and TM is attempting the near impossible with a goal to become viable selling the world's most advanced technology car at 20k volumes, meanwhile engineering two more cars, a process that costs most manufacturers billions. There are economies from having the Model S as an engineering base platform, but those are often overstated. With that said, for a potential owner with the right expectations and knowing the risks, I highly recommend the car and would definitely do it again myself.

5,600 miles, 4 months of driving, a couple visits to the service center for small issues (We're VIN #532 and the issues that we had with our car have mostly been resolved now at the production level, or have engineering fixes on the way) - ZERO regrets about getting the car (We do have the Performance model). Best car we have ever had.

A huge thing is the driving paradigm change you will experience. There is simply no car that touches the driving experience you will get in the Model S. It's all the little things about the experience of the Model S that adds up to a whole lot of awesome.

Some may argue that for the price we are paying for the car it should be perfect. It isn't perfect yet, and no car is, but I give Tesla grace on this point because they are iterating their improvements on the Model S at a pace that puts other car makers to shame and all future owners will benefit. Also, your car will keep getting better and better through software updates and hardware updates that Tesla will push out to existing owners.

Tesla is a young company that is growing extremely rapidly, so temper your expectations with that understanding, but the difference between Tesla and the mainline car companies is that Tesla really is responsive to an individual request at a companywide level. So again, ZERO regrets and no buyers remorse at all. In fact, I wish I could replace my other car with another Model S, just don't have that much spare cash available after buying our first Model S!

My only regret is waiting so long to actually put the deposit down and get my reservation in. :)

To be fair, i had a reservation in the 7000's, but i could have had a reservation in the 1000-2000 range, but waited and thought and hemmed and hawed. felt much more relief after putting the deposit down. and even more relief when I got my "Time To Build" email.

2.5 months and just about 4000 miles now and not one regret about buying the Model S. This is by far the most expensive car I have ever purchased and I often try to make sure that I am not deluding myself into thinking that I am "justifying" my purchase by exclaiming how happy I am with the car. My wife is the best barometer for that. She would keep me honest, and she LOVES the car. She's enjoying driving it.....when she gets the chance :)

I use the car to commute to work and can tell you, every day I have a smile on my face and thoroughly enjoy driving my Model S.

Is the car perfect - no, but no car is. Are there some issues that need to be addressed, yes. But fortunately with the way Tesla has designed it, these things can actually be changed with software updates, as opposed to having to wait for next year's model, or even the next one after that to fix system level issues.

Very satisfied Tesla customer!


I have owned nothing but fine over-engineered performance cars for decades.

No remorse ever.

My other exotic sports cars are now sitting on trickle chargers indefinitely and are for sale.

Fair warning though, none of them have cup holders.

Zero regrets, but don't buy the car because of whatever residual value it may or may not have, buy it because you want the car :)

Just saw a black MS at the JHU athletic center... Dave, was that you?

No regrets whatsoever -- this was double what I have paid for any previous car, and yet making the purchase has given me the most satisfaction of any purchase I have ever made (with the possible exception of buying my TRS-80 at 15 :).

I have had absolutely no hardware glitches, and only very minor software issues. My only real complaint is that the auto climate control doesn't maintain temperature very well, but I believe that can be addressed with a future software update. Sure, there are some things I would prefer if they were different, but the same is true of any car -- it is a set of tradeoffs trying to match the assumed preferences of its customer base, and I think the Model S does an amazing job. If what people have to complain about is whether it should have door pockets or a center console or back-seat cupholders, I think you can safely say they hit it out of the park.

I agree with @PD - make sure you will be ok with owning the car if Tesla does go bust or if they never build out the supercharger network, etc. I believe that is unlikely, but they still have a long way to go to be successful over the long term. For me personally, I decided I wouldn't be happy if that happened but I was willing to take that risk and felt like I would still get value from the car if that happened. One thing that helps is an EV should require much less maintenance on the hardware. If you care about resale value rather than planning to drive it until the wheels fall off, you should consider that as well.

Tiebreaker, no my car is a pearl white, pano roof, 85, non-p. We are starting to see a few more and at some point (soon) will need to lobby for more charging stations at JHU.

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