CalBattery promises 3x range & 70% lower cost in 3-2 years

Passed peer review and production ready as a drop-in replacement in 2-3 years. If this actually happens, the game is changed forever.

just in time for tesla gen 111.

Looks interesting, but don't be too impressed with peer review. It's basically an editor's check that he won't be too immediately and severely embarrassed for publishing it. Real validation only occurs when others reproduce or field-test it, and compare reality to claims.

I don't doubt the battery, test is that is it feasible to mass-production. Batteries like that have been made in extremely small scale in labs for few years now. If they can turn the lab experiment in mass-produced product then this is a real breakthrough.

I wonder if this is the one with graphite "coating" for silicon anode.

Well, they claim the anode is "drop-in" compatible with existing designs. So that's about as good as it gets. Assuming the "drop-in" part itself is not a problem.

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