Charge Point adapter?

Does anyone know if there's an adapter to use the charging cable with Charge Point charging stations (now at many locations)? There are several EV parking locations at SFO parking and I'd like to take advantage of it while traveling, but they're Charge Point and seem to be primarily for Leaf and Volt owners.

Chargepoint uses J1772 adapters. Model S comes with a free J1772 adapter (along with 240 and 110 adapters).

It should work just fine.

Somewhat off-topic, but LAX just announced there are discontinuing free EV parking (darn!), but still offering free EV charging while parked there.

Apparently there was simply too much demand for those spots.

Yeah, Chargepoint and Blink both use J1772. Free charging and parking at the Oceanside, CA Train station. Plenty of chargin spaces. (8 i think). O-side is on Blink.

Same with the parking garage at Petco Park. (only one space).

To use Chargepoint > have to go to their website and purchase a charging "card"
(different payment options) to activate the charger/then again to start charging > most are free - seems to charge at a low rate, though. Can download a mobile app to find locations.

Anyone know what ChargePoint means on their vehicle profile where next to make and model and battery size, they ask "Charging Speed" ?

10 kW with a single charger; 20 kW with twin chargers.

Someone mentioned that the pocket on the front of the driver seat in the leather-optioned cars is a convenient location to store the Chargepoint card. It also keeps the wallet a little thinner.

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