CNN on TuneIn?

Anybody able to get CNN (TV simulcast rather than CNN radio) working onTuneIn? Mine just spins and spins like it is buffering but nothing happens....

Where exactly is the CNN simulcast option? Thanks.

@riceu - same problem, I've tried several times.

It is under TuneIn --> Talk --> News --> more stations (or something like that...but scroll to news stations, not shows!)

Note that it works from TuneIn on my phone!

Thank you :)

Still can't find it. I have learned however that Tune-in menus go on forever. On my fifth screen after hitting "more stations" and running through dozens of options my finger finally got numb. I ended up a listening to a Russian language news station in Jerusalem. Will try again tomorrow.

Sorry Robert...will try to remember to look more closely tomorrow!

No worries! Icing finger and looking forward to tomorrow's expedition. It's impossible to be bored with this car.

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