Cup holders

Will the new x have better cup holders for all (front and rear) passengers?...than that found in the s?

No, they will be much worse. And fewer. ;p Or not.

I hope they do, it makes a difference especially having little kids in the car.

I'm bill gates

Who cares?

Better than my X5 which has siamesed cup holders in front, such is the distain the Germans have for this and all things not related to going 100mph with both hands on the wheel. One can imagine the sales people saying Americans want at least two upholders up front and the engineers saying Vee vill give you two upholders....

I wonder if model x has cup holder in front with builtin plug for my electronic plugin coffee mug or thermos to warmup the milk for my little son 3 years old when I travel long journey.

Sit it on the passenger seat with the seat warmer on, and a foil cover. :)

Tesla Please have 32oz water bottle holders on the inner door panels, Arizona is extremely Hot in the summer.

Inside a Tesla is not hot, unless you want it to be.

That's what she said as she slid over, leaning against me, her chest heaving. Alas, she could not find the 32 oz Coke as there was no holder and went back to her iPhone to text her ski instructor, again.

Let's see... 3.5 cup holders per passenger... CHECK!

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