The development of speed perception

So, I've had my Model S 60 for a little over 9 months now. The initially daily test drives with my friends have tapered off to an occasional one, and my use of the car's massive power has settled to a "need to use" level, from what initially was "want to use". I know it's there, and the tickling feeling of being able to unleash all these horses with a little twitch of my ankle is still as exciting as on day one.
Yet, I wanted to know if that head-snapping forward thrust that surprised me even on the 20th demo was still there, because lately, I haven't been surprised anymore. It still feels exhilarating, but no longer surprising. Have I now finally gotten used to that speed, or has the car - god forbid - lost some of its initial punch?
So I set out to investigate. A few months ago, I used my iPhone and recorded the speedometer on a 0-60 run on a flat piece of road and timed it at about 5.6 sec. Today, I went to the same spot and did the same run. I then put the two clips side by side in my editing system, and - lo and behold - it was frame for frame identical to my run months ago. Not only did I reach 60 on the same frame, but the acceleration curve was identical, the numerals switching on the same frame!

out a curiosity how full was you battery?

9 months and I still like the feel of Warp Speed. But like you I don't have to experience it every time I drive.

The display showed 168 range during first test, 165 during the second one.

When my other half spends a day at the race track I always have to drive home. He calls it "getting speed drunk". If he drives, he'll end up doing over 100 miles per hour and it feels to him like he is doing under 50.

Go get a rental car for a few days and come back for a chat. ;-)

The more I read threads like this the happier I am that my MS is not my daily driver. Though my commute is less that 15 minutes each way, it's still in a 2006 4Runner. The thrill, once I get out of the Toyota and into the Tesla, never fades.

That's why (many) people want faster and faster cars.

Yup, the need for (more) speed is a jones that's never permanently satisfied. There's no such thing as a maintenance dosage ... the dosage has to keep going up or the thrill goes away. That's probably why the last four ICEmobiles I've purchased have each been faster than its predecessor, and why I'm considering a P85.


I have a good comparison, actually:

We have an occasional use car, a 2008 Hyundai Accent. Going between the two cars is like night and day. :-)

That may end suddenly and badly.

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