Finally: is driving his Model S

The name giver of had the delivery of his Model S a few hours ago:
Congrats :-)

Great news!! Very well deserved. Best wishes to, and hoping he can check in to give us a quick report :)

Volker - congrats. Saw your test drive video... what a beauty. So happy for you.

I see the caption EV on the number plate. Coincidental or does it mean Electric Vehicle?

If the latter, what advantages do you have in Berlin for EV:s?
I am collating this info so as to go the the Government and Parliament in Sweden to make them see the light.

Has anyone compiled the advantages EV:s have in different countries, like, for example:

- no tax
- no VAT
- bus lane permitted
- free street parking
- no congestion tax.


- nothing, except a puny one-time subsidy.

Germany: ????


If I can show Swedish politicians what other countries do, eventually they have to give in and up. That can only be good for Tesla.
So please give me the meat on the bones.


Robert - just some history... Volker.Berlin kept this US forum honest for many years. About a year ago for personal reasons he limited his involvement and is now only active on the German forums. To see getting his car is great news to us.

The EV on the number plate is only for fun. In germany there is absolut no advantage for EVs like in norway :-(
It is VolkswagenLand and this mighty company will not allow any EV-pushing until it has a EV to offer...

It is VW, BMW & Daimler land. German car export is a huge business... no incentives for for foreign intruders.

I see - I didn't know it was a vanity plate - looks rather "normal" to me.

Schade! Mögen die Politiker irgendwann das Licht sehen - wie die Norweger.


Robert - there are realy no incentives needed.... in 5-10 years the ICE becomes obsolete.
Battery system prices
Competion today around $400-600 per kWh, Tesla just above $200 per kWh
$150 per kWh price competive with ICE
$100 per kWh - game over, ICE can not compete on price any longer

There are many ways to get to $100 per kWh: (a) ten fold production cuts cost in half, (c) double your cell capacity, (c) etc. Do a little of a, b and c and it is just around the corner.

Germany will raise import duties to keep the jobs in Germany... and outlaw foreign electrical connectors (ChaDemo is already on the EU chopping block).

I see it going roughly like this:

- $ / KWh comes down a bit - encourages cheaper EVs / more sales.
- more EV sales = more turnover = more battery research.
- battery technology moves on - KWh / Kg goes up.
- price down / capacity up.
- It's all over baby.


Australia only gives a one time small relief by raising the threshold for our our luxury car tax. About a $4000 benefit! Big deal, I don't think!!


Once Volvo starts with EVs I think your government would do something on the tax/fee side to encourage environmentally friendly vehicles. They doit no they would just lay the Swedish market open for Japanese imports killing Volvo's home market. I believe it is as simple as that.

Hallo, Geir

Volvo er ikke svensk lenger - kinesisk...

Volvo isn't Swedish anymore - it is Chinese, and they do have an Electric hybrid as well...
SAAB is bankrupt.

It takes more to move the Concrete Butts now sitting in the Swedish Government (and the Opposition as well).

Your Government (the Norwegian) did do something incredibly smart - and the results are already there. Compare:
Norway (5 Million): 2-3'000 Tesla S:s plus innumerable other EV:s
Sweden (10 Million): 13 Tesla S:s and a few others.

The rest is silence.


robert. Here's the stats for Estonia:

* up to 18 000 eur reimbursement on an EV vehicle (Tesla qualifies). Requirement is up to 50% of price for private citizens and up to 35% for companies purchasing an EV. Neither is an issue with a Tesla so you get the full 18k ;)

* up to 1000 eur reimbursement for installing a charging station at your home. Objective is to make charging simple and safe so people wouldn't use extension cords etc.

* As a local incentive, Tallinn and Tartu are offering free parking once you register your EV. Sadly no use of Bus lanes etc, but free parking in the city is quite nice to have :)

* One of the best built out charging infrastructures in the world. 200 fast chargers (Type-II 22kW or CHAdeMO at 50kW) covering the whole country in such a way that you are NEVER further away from a charger than 40-50km.

* Short term EV rent for 3 eur / hour (first hour is 6 eur) up to 30 eur / day. There are tens of Leaf and MiEV vehicles scattered around towns that you can just walk up to, send an sms and start using. Charging on the national infrastructure is free in the rental. You drop them off to any charger and just walk away after sending an sms to let the system know you finished using it.

Don't know of other possible incentives right now, but will let you know if I stumble upon them once the MS has arrived :) Most of this is written up here:


Well, lucky you!! Am green of envy.

Please all,

can we move this part of the thread to the other one

EV advantages in different countries.
Easier to recognize, easier to transfer in toto to politicians.

Thanks - Robert

Congrats to a true early-adoptor

Congrats to Volker.Berlin! I still owe you a beer for all of your help. How do you like those cupholders? ;-D

Very nice to see VB get his car. It is a just reward for (1) the wait and (2) all the kind help to the forums over the years. Contrats!

You don't seem to get it. According to wikipedia Sweden has 5.2 million cars. If each car drives 15000km per year and the average fuel consumtion by car is 1 litter per 10 km then each car uses 1500 litters per year. Now look at this from wikipedia again

"The fuel tax in Sweden comprises a carbon tax and an energy tax. The total tax (including value added tax) is, from January 1, 2011, 6.875 kr per liter petrol.[8]"

Mulitply this 1500 litters by 6.875 you get 536,250,000,000 Swedish Krona. That is just the tax that the state gets from the Swedes driving cars per year.

Where will the state get this money from if all 5.2 million cars are electric and you charge them from the sun or water falls?

The State needs this money to pay for the pensions of old people that are in many cases older than 100 years old!

Norway has oil and sells it to pay for any defficet it has. Sweden HAD Volvo Ericsson etc. Now Sweden has just an aging population and lots of immegarts that are net takers not givers!

Sweden will fight this electric car just as hard as the car dealers in the USA if not harder.

Nothing comes from Nothing Robert.

@ Alaa

Hold on now!

Nothing to do with VB's excellent work over the years - but lies and damned lies cannot pass undisputed: "Norway has oil and sells it to pay for any defficet it has."


Norway use a single digit percentage to invest inside the country, more than 95% is invested abroad, such as NYSE, buying Times Square, Oxford Street and other silly things...

But as of today, deficits from reduced car tax and VAT income related is coming off of something else, not the oil income.

Thank you very much!


Kleist wrote, “Competion today around $400-600 per kWh, Tesla just above $200 per kWh
$150 per kWh price competive with ICE”

Actually some of the competition is a bit lower. See here,

It would appear that the the Chevy Volt has a LIB with an energy capacity of 16kWh costing $2326.84 or $145.42 per kWh. Using your criteria, it makes it quite competitive with ICE vehicles.

Congrats Volker. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Wow! I am so glad that Volker finally got his car. He probably was the most important contributor to this site in the early days. He was the Wikipedia of He could find you any reference to an earlier topic, even though there was no search here.

He is also one of the most mild mannered people you'd ever meet. I wish he came back.


Volker, congratulations!

I hope your family and job are doing OK. Please pay us a surprise visit here and tell us about your experience.

Though I joined the community post the Volker.Berlin era (the Golden Age) I am quite happy he has his Tesla. As we go forward through these tumultuous times of information, production and infrastructure our next delivery milestone will be when Brian H gets his Tesla. I hope it's sooner than later for it is he who took up the standard and has ushered us through the Grammar Years.

Concur with the congratulatory choir for Volker.Berlin. Hear, hear.
Robert.bis, good luck with your campaigning into the general elections September 2014. Swedish benefits are indeed puny! Maybe also into the EUP election in May?
I may be wrong again, but didn't BrianH already get his car?

Volker this is fabulous news. No one deserves this reward more than you do my friend. Congratulations for bearing up under the long wait.

Brian H says he's waiting for Gen III or a financial windfall.

@PD We should take up a collection. If you do put me down for a $20. I'm good for it.

Congratulations to Volker Berlin! Sure do hope he posts some initial thoughts on this forum.

Hi Volker,

Congratulations on finally receiving your car. With all the guidance that you gave to this forum in prior years you certainly earned it much earlier than you received it. If you see this post I hope that you'll respond by letting us know your thoughts on the car.

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