First Model S speeding ticket?

35 in a 45
pretty tame and lucky! ;>

ah, must be confused....I think I was going faster... 45 in a 35mph sounds better but I may have been at 50 before noticing the police with the radar looking at me!

Less than 200 miles on the car... busted. 53 in a 35. The cop wouldn't listen to my pleading... and then after he wrote the ticket, he asks, "so can you go in the carpool lane with this?" I say, "NOW you want to talk about the car???? Bite me!

Was NOT happy.

A friend of mine took me for a ride on his P.. I asked him to show off the acceleration and before we knew it, he was doing a 95 on a 25 zone and then took a sharp curve at 70mph .. the car handled great.. but this car is surely likely to make you an aggressive driver.
Sorry to hear about the speeding tickets. I wish we had the software enhancement to warn you when u over 10mph over the speed limit.


Software enhancement would keep you from going 95 in a 25 zone??

@desiguy, it's standard equipment ... that big round gauge in the middle of the dash ;-)

I meant some audible cue :)
Agree more personal restraint is needed

Husband got a ticket for running a stop sign in our neighborhood the other day. He talked to the cop who talked him out of traffic school for the ticket. I said he should have done it as we are both surely going to get speeding ticket in our new MS! Might as well plan ahead!

Running a stop sign is going to be pretty common for those of us who never want to touch the brake petal.

You should have gotten out of the car with a confused look, and told the officer... "Something is seriously wrong!"... "I can't find the engine!!!!!"

By the time you both go looking, and can't find it, the officer will have forgotten why he pulled you over :-)

During the Get Amped tour in our city, the reps referred to them as "a souvenir "

I've been lucky. After 3.5 years of the Roadster and 4 months of a Model S, neither of us have received a ticket. We've both deserved tickets many times, but only once was I actually pulled over. He let me go with a warning that he didn't want to pick me up off of the pavement.

the car seriously needs an audible cue that you have hit a certain speed. This feature is on many cars. It is too easy to hit 90+ just passing a car or merging.

A day after a snow storm, and few days after I got my performace model S with the snow tires, I was pulled over by a nice cop, possibly for speeding 15-20 miles above speed limit. He followed me very closely for a mile or two trying to find out what kind of a car then pulled me over. I told him I was a doctor and on my way to the hospital, so he just gave me a warning and asked me how I like my new car.I told him I love it, he then asked me about the torque, I said it is phenomenal and thanked him!!

I suggest developing your own test drive route near your home and work, just like Tesla did. For the acceleration portion incorporate highway on ramps. I think it feels natural to punch it on an on ramp. You and your passengers' heads will fall back into the headrest. They will experience a slight "face lifting" from the G's, while their eyebrows lower with confusion when their brain realizes that they don't hear the engine or feel the transmission like they would expect. The brain may attempt to convince them that it didn't actually feel fast, but a quick view of the speedometer contradicts this. The curved on ramps really demonstrate the combination of acceleration and handing that no other car I've driven has had. They typically have open grass areas or at least guard rails rather then children or cars pulling out in case the unexpected were to occur. I've also never seen a cop staked out on an on ramp looking for speeders. I tell myself that there might be a jurisdiction issue between the local and state police that might cause a local cop to hesitate to pursue you on to the highway, I'm sure I'm probably just fooling myself on this one. Then after you are merging on to the highway at 65 (or 85) in just a few seconds and your passenger is still dealing with the G's, punch it again when the coast is clear to demonstrate that his baby has power at every speed. They will be blown away, you've got that Tesla grin and No ticket. You get off the next exit taking your foot off the one pedal you'll ever use to drive and they will experience the regen braking, but will be slow to understand. They are still trying to comprehend all the other attributes about this amazing car that are totally different than anything they have come to know about cars. This is as close to demonstrating fire to a caveman as you will get with any piece of technology you have ever owned. Then you go across the highway and do it again on the way back, but for fun. If you really want to take the experience up a notch, combine it with that sense you get with a random act of kindness and do it for that random person that just comes up to you at the grocery store parking lot who has only read about the MS and is totally juiced on the rumors and hearsay.

Be as careful with the off-ramp as you are with the on-ramp. I took my foot off the accelerator to demonstrate the regen, and it felt like I was about to come to a dead stop in the middle of the off-ramp. Had there been someone behind me, he would have been justifiably pissed.

I got my car yesterday. This afternoon I was heading home on the freeway, and this Accord starts tailing me through traffic, obviously checking out the car. We're in the left lane, crest a hill, and then the car in front of me suddenly changes lanes, at which point I see a cop on the left shoulder with a laser gun. I look in the rearview and see him pull out with lights on. I start to sweat while moving over a few lanes to the right, and keep looking back only to see the cop proceed to pull over the guy in the Accord. Lol!

PWNT! Now that's funny :)

Shouldn't tailgate buddy, even if its an awesome car you're following/admiring :D

Wonder if he managed to talk his way outta a ticket or not.

Picked the car up on Dec 12th, and was heading to Seattle on Christmas eve when I received my first speeding ticket in 8 years.....

A salient lesson for everybody that is about to get an S. I was doing 65 stuck behind a line of traffic (in 70 zone), when the line cleared, I floored it to get past. The cop was sitting 100 yards ahead of where I put my foot down. By the time I saw him (it seemed like 2 seconds later), he clocked me at 90.....

I have subsequently slowed down.

Probably more like one second. Second is surprisingly long time, top 100m dash sprinter moves 10+ meters in that time.

Cops here usually don't give tickets to people passing other cars (unless speed difference is just insane), because the less time you use in wrong line the safer the pass usually is. Common sense trumps laws. That cop must have had a bad day.

It happened, had my first speeding ticket in my Model S, 83 in a 65... SIGH. Officer said at first, I'll rip this up if you give me a ride, I without hesitation said HOP IN!!

He laughed and said he can't, I hate traffic school and yes, I'll do it online and bang it out in 2 hours but still! :(

At least the cop had a sense of humor ..kinda.

Start a chart; this ticket was 18 mph over the limit. See what the long term trend line is. ;)

Shoulda started the course on the touchscreen. Instant rebate }B)

He said he would let me off the hook with a warning but then gave me the ticket? I wonder were I went wrong as I was just nice, respectful and courteous, answered all his Model S questions enthusiastically too! :( Oh well... need to drive more carefully.

Examine the ticket carefully. It may be a "warning" ticket, not a real one.

As Brian noted, it could be a warning ticket.
When they give you a warning they have to write it up anyway.

Interesting, it looks very much like a ticket to me and I have never been let off the hook before. I don't see any indication that it's a warning, looks like it's a ticket. There is an infraction code, infraction is circled, nothing about it being a warning I am afraid. You had my hopes up for a moment there.

Do they indicate the amount of the fine?

No, can take up to 3 weeks to process, gotta love government's ability to move at the speed of snail.

Just received this message as I was posting actually:

"It can take up to 60 days for the court to receive the citation from the issuing agency and then to get it entered into our case management system. Please check back in with us, or online, in 30 days to see if we have received and entered it yet.

Records & Research/Traffic Court"

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