First trip down US 101 using new superchargers

we went from Santa Cruz to Los Angeles today on highway 101 using the new superchargers which came online yesterday.

I had done the trip twice on the 5 before, but the 101 is a much prettier and better drive, although about 20 more miles.
At Atascadero the 8 new superchargers are at the Rabobank parking lot between the bank and Subway. When we got there, there were two MC red, one silver and one blue one charging! we charged for about 104 miles in 40 minutes (from 96 rated to 200rated miles) in 90 degrees heat. We had some ice cream at the cold stone ice creamery across the street. Actually met all the other owners! when we left, another signature red had come.
80 miles later at Buelton, in the parking lot of the Marriott hotel, we met 2 of the same owners. Of the 8 chargers, one was not working, and we called Tesla but they were already informed. we charged there for about an hour going from 100 to 230 rated miles, then headed to L.A.
actual miles 140 miles and we had 70 rated miles left. doing 70+ mph.

Thank you Tesla for the new Superchargers. Even though they were not as fast as I expected. I posted some photos on Recargo for these two sites.

Thanks for this info. Will be doing this route soon. The 101 supercharges will be a huge game changer for Tesla. Now need one outside San Diego, and it will take care of any range anxiety for most California owners.

Appreciate the info. It seems odd that the Atascadero and Buellton superchargers are only 80 miles apart. I've used the Folsom supercharger before and I get similar charge rates to the ones you mentioned - far below the 200 miles in 30 minutes listed on the Tesla website.

Those charging rates sound very, very slow. Has anyone gotten a response from Tesla about this?

Charging rates slow significantly as the battery fills, so top offs are not going to approach the 200 miles in 30 minutes spin. Sharing a station also halves(?) the charging rate.

from what I heard the fastest charging is near empty a slows near to full battery to avoid damaging the battery.

no practical experience in Europe yet :(

Looking forward to our SF to San Diego trip, greatly facilitated by the Atascadero and Buellton 8-bay stations.

Thanks, Tesla and Elon, for delivering, and just in time!

Bighorn and Jolinar
One of the advances of the new 120kw Superchargers is that the charge rate doesn't taper off. It sounds like these new Supercharging locations aren't using the newest version. Tesla did say it was in beta and would be rolled out sometime during the summer.

So where are these 120 KW supers? I checked in Gilroy, Harris, and Tejon. All read "90 KW". Hawthorne ones are unmarked.

My peak charging rate was 220-230 mi/hr. overall charging was similar to the OP.

Not sure if there are any in the field at this time. The PR said they were in beta and would be rolled out "sometime during the summer".

just a guess, i think when we have higher range batteries, people can go from LA to Atascadero without stopping at Buelton, and same for people southbound, they would be able to go direcly to Buelton. Some people can probebly stretch their range now to do that, but I don't mind stopping a bit to be able to go faster with the traffic.

.... kinda like waiting for the Tesla Models S to be delivered! ...waitng for new SCS locations.... close enough to make traveling much easier. I'm in Phoenix East Valley and will love it when SCS's stretch from PHX metro to east and west coasts!
I get to check out the currnet SCS's when traveling... 'in a gas car' ugggg! I hope the road PHX to Seattle opens soon. My guesses are Buckeye AZ, Blythe area..(either side of the river), Indio, and maybe near Beaumont CA. then Burlington and Centrailia and others will be finished and operatonal. I know patience has to prevail.... I'm a little jealous of you Supercharged Californians:)

If the 40s could get the supercharging without going to 60, now that would be cool! :)

We just took our first trip down I5 this week . We have been wanting to go South on Hwy 101 for some time thanks for the update. I think most of us Tesla S users don't trust our range rated mileage but I have found that we could easily skip Harris Ranch and go direct to Tejon Ranch. The Range Rated miles are very close to what you will actually use. Trust the equipment it is quite good! We have about 6,780 miles and the car very often exceeds expectations. Wow Tesla you made a great car!

we can not skip Harris Ranch if we go down on the 5. we usually have about 50 miles when we arrive at Harris Ranch, but coming from hwy 1, 101 en 198 there are some hills! it will depend on where you start, and also how you drive. It is not about trusting the rated range, but about knowing what your car can do, with some experience, one feels more comfortable and I would rather err on the side of caution when going somewhere for the first time.

On cold day last weekend we went from San Jose to the Folsum super charger - started with 201 rated range and have 7 miles to go when we arrived - so 133 miles. Are others getting similar ratio's driving "normal" speeds with traffic? I want to go down 101 to LA via 101 but I'm concerned about making the first stop.

It's probably a combination of a bit of battery degradation from when you made purchase plus cold weather drastically reduces range. Could be some vampire drain if you stopped at all as well. Give the car 5-6 will need a supercharger in between to make that trip.

@Irvin...If you stop at Gilroy (just to top off) --> Atascadero --> Buellton --> Hawthorne, you shouldn't have any problems. I've made that trip twice now. I have 85, but from your description, I'm assuming you have a 60? Stopping at all of the superchargers, I never went below 60-80 mile range, so 60 should be doable.

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