Front plate protection

The front plates on all three vehicles here are vulnerable to those who "park by ear." So I have ordered a Flexyframe from Amazon ($25 with free shipping). Then I checked the dimensions on the manufacturer's site and discovered they also have a heavy duty version. Both versions neatly cover the plate mounting screws.

If it fails the "ugly" test on the S, it will quickly move to the old SUV!

Where do you live? In the Bay Area I rarely see cars similar to S (Porsche, M's, AMG's...) hang the front plate. I didn't have front plate on my Porsche for 6 years and have never been stop by cops for that (knock.. knock...). Cop did not even ask about it once when I was pulled over for speeding.

This info has been posted for those who are required, or have chosen, to display front plates.

Whether front plates are required or where some choose to ignore the laws is a different topic.

I was just offering another solution for the problem you stated. Not to mention it's the one that best addresses your ugly test concern.

mcx-sea. Let us know what it looks like after install. Thanks!

Front plates reduce range so aren't required on EV's. That's my story and I am sticking to it if ever pulled over for a plate violation.

Please PungoDave. Stick to the topic. Some of us want to abide by the law (MD requires), and this thread is for those of us that do.

Yes be a law abiden citizen. Hang the front plate and drive 65. You might as well just buy a Leaf and give the extra $50K to charity.

The EZpass plate mounted transponder gives me a (very) little extra buffer from those parking using the Helen Keller method.

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