I took delivery of my model s 2/11/13 and while I love the car I am ready to call my attorney out if complete frustration with the organization:

1) the car was delivered with only one key and repeated calls to get a second key have brought nothing but promises and no key.
2) the car was ordered with the super charging system and I was informed that while it was back ordered it would definitely be installed prior to delivery. As of today I still have no super charger and have not been able to get a definitive answer as to when it would be received
3) most important , the windshield has been coming apart and I have been told it will take 4 to 6 weeks to receive a replacement. I am now in the position of not being able to drive my new car for 4 to 6 weeks. I have been told by my Porsche dealer to contact an attorney and make a lemon law claim. I am loathe to do this, but I may have no alternative.

OMG, like for any new car/company, you will come accross issues, calling your attorney isnt helping, being patient, understanding the company position, and following up with them is the answer

keep cool !

How do you know you don't have supercharger capability? It MUSt be installed before. There is no external expression of this capability. Did they tell you it did not come with it?

Your lack of detail is astonishing... Not sure how posting a generic message on this forum helps you.

What is your battery size, what's your vin, who specifically did you talk to at tesla, and what "supercharger" are you talking about?

And I always talk to my Porsche dealer to get advice on my tesla... Come on really?

I had to respond, just seems ridiculous.

Ill apologize in advance for my behavior... Won't respond anymore to your posts after this...

He probably means HPWC, not supercharger. Gary?

Tesla will remedy the situation. I too had issues but with patience, you will have resolve.

You get more milk from a cow with patience than an attorney! (old saying paraphrased)

He must be talking about the high power wall connector which is back ordered? I find it hard to believe that tesla would not fix his windshield sooner than 4-6 weeks. This sounds like a bogus post. Dude, you don't know that supercharger hardware can't be backordered? What's your VIN or order number?

What exactly do you mean about the windshield "coming apart"? Do you mean it is not sealed perfectly, or it has a crack (a number of others have experienced a crack on the passenger side)? In either case, I am not sure why you can't drive it.

The supercharger is internal, so unless they told you it was left out of your car or you have tried charging at a supercharger, then I wouldn't assume it isn't present.

If you are talking about the HPWC, then you should be aware that people who received their car months before you are still waiting for theirs (like me). I don't know about your case, but for me it was made clear that it wasn't going to be available by the time I had my car, so I had a 14-50 outlet installed on the wiring which was run for the HPWC. It isn't a big deal to wait.

If you do mean HPWC, you should use the correct names for things if you expect people to help you.

Jat -- will you take this one, not going to feed it no mo

nickniketown. Why are you still posting. The only lemons are your posts and the sour taste we get reading your bs. Please go away, find a Porsche dealer.

Looks like FUD pandering to me....moving on.

Interesting that so many of you are abusing me for my post. I wonder what your motives are? Do you think it is unreasonable to expect to have more than one key for a car I spent over 100m for? Do you think it is unreasonable to expect a return phone call or resolution of the request for a second key after 10 days. Do you think it is unreasonable to expect a defective windshield to be replaced in less than 4 weeks? Do you think it is unreasonable to expect to receive what you ordered, payed for and were told you would receive. If Porsche treated their customers in this fashion they would have gone the way of the Yugo.

Call rangers, not salespersons. Based on other people stories here fixing is easy and happens (relatively) fast.

I don't know if second key is part of the deal, so that might have been just separate deal and delivered to you like any other accessory (IE. takes time, and you get billed).

How do you call rangers?

@Garyschaevitz - sorry you are suffering like this. Seems you you've got the perfect storm of issues. You shouldn't have to do it, but others have reported that if you put two or three calls into ownership within a few minutes it is possible to get through to a person rather than VM.

For something as bad as your situation it won't hurt to drop an email to, but don't stop calling.

If you aren't too far away from a service center or showroom, I'd go there in person.

"100M" that's some car you have... How come you don't know the diff between supercharger and wall connector? Maybe Porsche can explain?

Garyschaevitz- Ignore the criticisms. You are 100% correct. Nickjhowe is right. that is the way to go.

Gathering of the short trolls.

Gary, I'm sorry for your issues, but you've brought a little of the negative feedback on yourself.

Asking a Porsche dealer for advice on how to handle a Tesla problem? Come on.

You also aren't going to make many friends with your eagerness to solve your issues with an attorney. It says that you don't know how to handle problems by yourself, like a man.

Come guys Gary is a fellow Tesla owner/buddy let's give him some respect/love.

Don't let trolls like NickN bring the attitude to this level.
Gary, sorry for some of the harsh comments. Criticism is sometime a bit hard to take when it concerns your loved one (Model S)

I for one can fully understand the frustration and the state of mind you must have been in when you wrote this.

The thing I think to take into account is that I think for most (of not all) people here who decided to go for a model S it was always clear that being cutting edge and going with a startup will result in some issues which they/we are glad to accept, with the knowledge they will be resolved. Offset by the way this car drives and being part of something new, exciting, industry changing these 'issue' become non-issues...

This does however not mean you issues should not be resolved and Tesla needs to improve on this, but if you can not cope with the experience as I tried to picture it above than this might not be the car for you.

My two cents. Raise the issues again, escalate, make clear your are not happy but stay away from 'attorney' remarks and advise from 'competitors' like Porsche and known trolls on this forum.

Might be worth getting a ranger involved (can not judge this) and in the end George if all fails. If you are close to a store it might be worth going there to personally express you issues.

In any event I hope you stay onboard, find the fun side to offset some of the negatives and keep us posted...

It's not unreasonable to expect a second key fob. I don't know of any car that only comes with one key. That is the case of something critical missing at delivery and should be provided immediately. On the other hand, the HPWC is a) on back order which can happen with anything you buy, and b) is not really necessary unless you are in dire need of a 3 hour charging cycle. You still need the 240 V outlet near your car. The windshield is yet another story. This is a defect that prevents your use of the car. My experience tells me that the salesperson might help with the key fob, but for the others, you have to contact service. The salesperson has moved on and the only reason that your Porche sales person told you what they did is because this person is hoping you will dump the Tesla and buy a Porsche. The service numbers are on the web site. We all have found them to be effective in getting the problems resolved even if it requires multiple trips to your location. You can look at some of the other threads to verify this. The one common "thread" however, is that they are reluctant to call you if they have nothing to report, even if you were promised a call, and you need to keep on their case to find out what's going on. If you haven't gotten a result in 10 days, I would definitely email George and explain the situation, see what happens. At least they should give you a loaner while your car is not usable. Oh, and $100k buys a very expensive car but not a personal assistant. $100M maybe does.

I have just read the fourth quarter shareholder letter for 2012. Under 2013 outlook it says; Delivery of cars with the 40 kWh battery pack is expected to begin later this summer. I have been misled too many times for the delivery of a Tesla S I placed a reservation for on June of 2009. I also signed an buyers agreement 8/1/12. I was just on phone with a delivery specialist 2/20/2013 and he led me to believe delivery was still on for late March/early April. Appropriate actions are imminent due to this bait and switch for an available Tesla S. The 40kWh Tesla S doesn't appear to be available due to lack of demand and may never be produced.

I'm finalizing my order today, and yesterday I was assured by a salesperson that two keys are standard.

I have not posted here before, but I've used what I've learned here to make decisions. The main things I've learned are that in terms what we came here for - a quality non-petrol driving experience with maximum range given current technology, the car does not disappoint. The customer experience, however, evidently has a way to go before being satisfactory. I'm voting for the future with my dollars, knowing this. Full disclosure: I am a shareholder.

But to help us all help Tesla build their company, this forum is a crucial tool, and it's disappointing to find flamers here like everywhere else on the net. Why are we willing to write things we would never say to someone's face? It diminishes the utility of this forum for all of us.

I have bought into this completely, knowing there will be frustrations. I'm hoping to come here with my frustration to get help, and not get slammed. Let's help each other out.

Prioritizing your issues might be helpful Gary. For instance, you really don't need a second key FOB, if you can't drive your car because the windshield is broken. Likewise with the charger. Tesla informed you that it'll be 4-6 weeks to get a new windshield. It seems unlikely, but possible, that this repair can be accelerated, so keep checking. Have you been able to speak to Tesla concerning a possible loaner car?

By the way, what specifically is the problem with the windshield? And what is the specific problem with your SC? Are you referring to a wall mounted unit?

@David Trushin - +1

Regarding the key, I don't know exactly how it is paired with the car, but I wouldn't be surprised if it required access to the car to do it -- when I got a replacement key from Toyota once, they had to have the car there to get it.

@davidslagle - I understand your frustration, but saying the 40kWh car won't ever be made is pretty silly. Other threads have indicated that the reason for the delay is they are having to redesign the battery after it wasn't meeting expectations.

Nickniketown. “Petero ?????”

What don’t you understand? Virtually every post you submit is negative towards TM or the “S.” Case in point. “Wow they still have problems with the windshield. Time for the lemon law.” You are incorrigible and your posts are not enlightening, informative, humorous, or appreciated.
What makes you believe the 40kWh model will be produced? What make your assumption and what you have read less silly? The demand is not there. It will cost them more to produce the 40kWh model than they will ever recover. They simply have used its price to lure customers in, advised them the 40kWh was going to be delayed and they would need to upgrade to get a Tesla now. It has helped them achieve the profits needed more quickly. This is as high tech in advertising as the Tesla S is in cars. For us older folks, we refer to that type of sales method as bait and switch. A class action lawsuit for this behavior might get Tesla's attention.

The original reservation I made 7/20/09 says in the priority clause "Tesla will establish the Model S production sequence according to the order in which payment and signed reservation agreements are received. Note that there will be a Founder Series and a Signature Series that will prelude the regular production". Those models have been completed. Tesla has produced 4000+ cars. My reservation number P1020. Nothing else is said about a delay may be experienced due to the Model S selected.

nickniketown. I am aware of the windshield problem. I do read the other forums and (unfortunately) have read your numerous posts.

"Who is negative?" Seriously, read your own posts. Your only positive response that I recall, is your recommending a reservation holder, who can't get loan approval, to contact TM for financing.

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