Getting pulled over for no plates

I took delivery of my S and luckily had no issues for about 2 wks but I have now been stopped by Virginia law enforcement 3 times in 4 days (twice in the past 7 hours!) for having no tags. All 3 times after lengthy stops with multiple questions was told I shouldn't drive the car until there are plates. The State Trooper even tried to run the vin accessing California's database and said the vin was not in the system and he suggested the California temporary registration I had taped in the window could be fake. Fortunately, no citations (yet) but this is a major hassle. Local DMV will not issue temporary tags if I go in with a bill of sale. Local Tesla service center can't print temporary tags because they haven't obtained designation as a "dealer" yet. Customer left having to not drive the car or risk repeated run-ins with law enforcement. I am tempted to take a valid plate off our 3rd vehicle which will be sold and put it on the Tesla just to prevent this from happening but that's not legal and could end up with worse punishment (fine/impounded etc) if discovered. Any other advice?

East coast cops are not used to seeing the temporary CA DMV registration (small strip of paper placed in rear window) so they pull a traffic stop to check out why no tags or no paper T tags as Maryland uses.

I did receive my Maryland tags 8 bidness days after picking up the Tesla. So, the local state "workers" must have been motivated the week they received my paperwork.

I am tired of continuously watching for police cars from both directions, just to get to work every day.
The MVA said it had no record of my S or its VIN. I called Tesla, and they admitted they haven't sent the papers to the MVA. Can you believe that?

Could the temp CA registration (strip of paper) be enlarged significantly and then taped in the plate area?

VA drivers should be aware, I was told by our county police duty officer (Albemarle) that the TM paper work is valid but for 30 days NOT 90.

My car is due to be delivered this Thursday, and I received a FedEx package last Friday with all of the paperwork I'd need at the DMV. The policy has been changed for many states so that we now are to individually take care of the paperwork. I noticed when I got my final paperwork, the price of the sales tax, etc. had been removed. At that point, I called.
I now have a temporary registation, plate and a 15 day window to get the car inspected in-state. I'm sure that will be a thrill for the garage I'll bring it to! The lady at the DMV said that she wasn't sure what there was to inspect being there was no gas engine!

FYI, I've implemented an invisible magnetic mounting system. I'm still "testing" it, but it seems rock solid. I'll post a how to in the near future.

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