Good press for Tesla

A tech columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, Chris O'Brien, posted his New Year's Top 10 Tech Predictions on the front page of today's paper.

Number 3 was on Tesla:
Tesla: The company will deliver its much anticipated Model S in 2012 on time, sparking hopes that the electric car will enter the mainstream. In my book, Tesla is simply the most dramatic tale unfolding in Silicon Valley. Big personalities like co-founder Elon Musk betting big money on a big idea. I can't help but root for them. They will indeed deliver the promised car, and its limited number will sell out.
But it won't generate enough heat to create a larger market for electric cars, something that's probably still years away.

The countdown begins!!


You may also be interested in a recent article from Seeking Alpha (a website for market and stock related topics). “This article proposes a comparative analysis of how Apple (AAPL) has solved and how Tesla (TSLA) is trying to solve the very difficult problem of going to market with revolutionary products.”

Great article!

Thanks for posting that article. I am very interested in the comparisons to Apple, especially since I am a huge fan of the company and its products. In some ways, when I stop and think about the fact that we're going to be spending nearly $100k on a car, I think we're crazy. However, I strongly believe in the Tesla goals and am excited to be an early adopter.


Wonder if there's any correlation between Model S reservation holders and first-day-Apple-product buyers? I, for one, was in line at 4am last summer to get my iPhone 4...

Great article and I believe your personal investing should follow your passions. To that end both Tesla and Apple are in my portfolio.

Concerning correlations between Model S reservation holders and first
day Apple products buyers:
My first (of 2) Model S reservation was in the Spring, 2009; and, my first, first day Apple product was the Macintosh 128 in the Spring, 1984! It still runs but just needs a new internal battery.
If I'm still moving in the Spring, 2040, I would love to say that my Tesla S still runs but just needs a new internal battery!!

BTW, the article is authored by Nicu, a member of this Forum. He also wrote "Tesla: The Looming Short Squeeze". We have yet to see if his prediction will prove right (which is in no way meant to criticize the publication of his prediction, I think it's plausible and very interesting):

For me, no connection between Apple purchases and Model S reservation.

My first personal computer was the TRS-80 (affectionately known as Trash-80) I learned assembly programming on that. My next was the Amiga 1000, since then I've used Amigas through the 3000 and as emulated on X86 processor computers. I finally started using X86 computers in the latter half of the '90s. Most I've put together myself. The only ones not put together by me were laptops. The only Apple products I've ever owned were Apple TVs.

First Apple II in 1980. Almost bought an Ohio Scientific. They had enticing ads in Byte magazine. I learned a lot an my son ended up with a Computer Science degree and works for IBM in Australia. I guess I am an early adopter.

Actually, I did buy an Ohio Scientific for my son, and later a Commodore 64 & Atari 500?

Atari 800 for me in ~1980

I was only 2 years old in 1980. First computer my parents bought was a Commodore PC 386 SX16. The first I bought was an IBM Thinkpad 770, since I worked for IBM at the time. Never owned an Apple product.

Commodore C16 -> generic 80286/DOS -> Apple PowerBook (b/c I worked in a department with Apple infrastructure at the time) -> Linux (b/c I wanted to give it a chance) -> Windows ever since (I know many have a different opinion, but for me Windows requires the least maintenance, works best for the things I need).

Handspring Visor (PalmOS compatible, practically a successor to Palm III) -> Handspring Treo (PalmOS, one of the first smart phones, Nokia communicator era) -> a newer Treo, brand was then Palm again -> HTC Legend (Android) and currently still happy with it. I don't see a use case for a tablet in my life, and never have felt the want for an Apple product. Ah well, my kids have iPods and they are happy with them.

Sinclair MK16 Kit in 1977. Sold as a PC, but really just a glorified calculator with a whopping 640 bytes of RAM.
Iphone 4 in 2011, TESLA in 2012.
I can and do use any and all technologies, but can't wait for the big game changer coming this summer!
We will continue to see mixed press, untill TESLA actuly delivers products to market. Future looking voices like Nicu will unfortunately be offset by the dinoburners for awhile yet. (Saw the dino reference on LinkedIn and love it!)

Good press for Tesla:

It's slower and more expensive than a 60kWh Model S. We'll see how the options stack up once the confirgurator is online...

BMW: $61,845 5.7s
Model S (60kWh): $59,900 5.6s

Unless it qualifies for the $7500 rebate...

Apropos BMW 5 series hybrid: It starts at 53k Euro (67k USD) (excl. 19% VAT, of course) here in Germany -- and probably has less options included as standard than the U.S. model. Just adding this to the discussion on different prices in different markets in the other thread...

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I'm with BruceR -- Timex Sinclair way back when I was about 10. Then we had an Apple II+ when my parents decided they were richer (I think the TS was about $50!). I did stand in line for the iPhone 4 (but went to the wrong store and missed hanging out with Woz).

The first step of being an early adopter is admitting you're an early adopter?

I had a friend with a Sinclair in the mid to late '70s. IIRC that was another machine with the Z80.

Man. Have we managed to get off topic in this thread?

It happens. In every thread, in every forum, ever.

@discoducky: Thanks for the link re BMW. It's clear that BMW elected to use the electric motor to boost performance:

BMW says the ActiveHybrid 5 can be driven on battery power alone at speeds up to 37 mph for distances of up to 2.5 miles.

Oh, boy! 2.5 miles at 37 mph!

nVidia just reiterated that Tegra will be the video solution for both screens and Model S will be the 1st car to ship Tegra:

But they failed to say Tegra 2 or 3. Hoping it is 3 since that is all they talked about...

Tech Pkg gets the T4, regular gets the T3 ... JUST KIDDING

I've heard Tegra 3 over and over. So I expect it'll be that.

I'm as thrilled as Robert about 2.5 miles at 37 mpg. That's like driving on your starter motor. Feh.

Since we're off topic anyway...

Timex Sinclair. Used to hack my old the university mainframe at 300 baud after I got my BA in an unreleated field. My stepdad laughed at it and asked me what a "real computer" would cost. I told him the hottest thing on the market right now was a Commodore 64. Took it down into the basement, and didn't come up for a year. Learned basic, how to program the output ports, got a Commodore 128, programmed my boring actuarial job's calculations into an app, got in trouble with the director, program got approved by the internal auditor, and got my tables printed in a pamphlet. Got flunked up (downstairs actualy) to the DP department (Yes, we used to call it DP not IT back in the day). This was great, since these weirdos in DP were all my drinking buddies anyway. Operated a mainframe for a year that ran off cassette tapes and huge reel to reels. Left to do Unix for 7 years, with some Mac, then finaly windows since 94.

But... It all started with a Timex Sinclair. I owe that guy pretty much everything.

Thus, the conclusion to the off-topic topic of this thread may be: Those people have have reserved a Model S *and* participate in the forums love tech (not necessarily cars) and have proven a tendency to early-adopt in the past (surprise!). Among them, some are Apple users and some aren't, with no obvious tendency either way.

I hate tech. It sucks. I want a Model T, but I want it in red. I'm settling for a Model S.


All software sucks. All hardware sucks too, but less. So I want hardware. Preferably with ability to move me from place a to place b while I sit in an comfortable seat. So car it is.


Don't know if it was a typo on your part, but that's mph, not mpg.

If u hate tech u hate model T too. It's still tech, just old tech. What u really need is a horse:-P
Might be easier to get a red model T, than a red horse, though.

A red horse. You figured me out!

Ugh, I never cross post, but when I do it's for a good reason...this one is good press as well as reservation information...

Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA): Pacific Crest say bur Tesla before earnings. Pacific Crest believes Tesla Model S pre-orders will increase from their estimate of 6,500 to 8,000. Pacific Crest says that will create appreciation and maintains an Outperform.

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