Has Anyone Seen the Auto-Lowering that Was Supposed to Be Returned in January?

I paid for it, but have been without it for quite awhile. Wondering if it was returned as promised in January?

There are probably 20 other threads on here dedicated to this topic. Please use to search the forum.

Won't be out till firmware 6.

Are you going to start this again? Your post has been completely addressed and if you don't get it by now, I suggest you just go away.

Sorry guys, just confused by Tesla's web page (, which currently has the following descripiton:

Luftfederung „Smart Air Suspension“

Much more than a great ride and handling package, the Smart Air Suspension combines automatic advantages with on-demand features. As Model S accelerates, it lowers the vehicle for optimized aerodynamics and increased range. Use the touchscreen to raise or lower Model S when traversing thick snow or pulling into steep driveways

Thought maybe I missed something.

Still use it at will--let's discuss it over coffee. When did you receive your car--before or after the amended speed threshold? Do you miss it or you never knew better? Sounds like it's coming back better than before. I'm glad they are following my suggestion to keep "very high" at speeds about 9 MPH since breaking through snow drifts is tricky otherwise.


I got my car in the spring. Enjoyed auto-lowering until mid-Oct., I think. Now I miss it and want it back. How do you "use it will"? By it, are you referring to auto lowering?

I moved to this area from back east when the speed limit was "Reasonable and Prudent." I consider myself grandfathered-in even though that law has since been amended. So, I still enjoy driving in the lowered mode. Honestly, I can't tell the difference. I do remain excited about the increased user control and hope that they get the bugs worked out before rolling it out. Since I've got kids in Coronado and Montecito, I've driven out there a fair bit. Doesn't seem like it would be too hard to find a small stretch where one could engage low.

@sdt, what he's saying is that a brief burst of speed to 98 mph will still lower your suspension. It will stay lowered down to 63 mph. The function is still there and works the same, just with a higher threshold.

Sounds safe.

Guys...if you keep responding, he'll keep complaining. We know, he's upset, as are a few other vocal folks. If they want to lose their hair and have heart attacks young over something we already know is coming back soon enough, let them, but don't egg them on by responding.

@ STD,

Why don't you just take Tesla to small claims court and sue them for the cost of your air suspension? Maybe going through that process will give you the closure that you need.

@Amped STD? was that Freudian?

Chuckle of the day, thanks guys. :-)


Thanks Amped. Despite your insinuation, I don't think I'm alone in having this concern. A small claims court suit would not help others.

because you just want to make the world a better place for other Model S owners...

It's going to be so great once it comes back! Everyone will get along and be happy and enjoy life. There will be nothing left to complain about, either! Very exciting, indeed.

No we can't live without complainers - we'd have nothing to respond to!

I'd worry about complaining too much.
I might end up getting my update last.

Does ANYONE think these constant post abuot this issue will have ANY affect on the release date?

WebCrawler; Will have little/no effect. Certainly shared concern over an issue is good for people but I doubt it has much effect on TM. They will restore/enhance it when they are good and ready.

I would like it back as much as the next person. I am looking forward more for the potential of controlling 'high' and 'very high' setting at increased speeds as it will help with snow than self lowering at higher speeds.

As someone who worked in a regulated industry, I can tell you that we scoured user forums readily and rushed releases based on user demand instead of vetting out the security of the update. Stability be damned, Internet forums drive the business!

Ohmman: But is that good that you rush something out that has not been well tested just to please your audience/consumer? Don't you run the risk, especially with a 2 ton vehicle that goes 100+ mph of opening up much more serious issues?

It's coming back in v6.0 except much better. You can choose what speed you want it to lower at or you can keep it low all the time.

@SDT I think it is important that you (and everyone else who wants the lower suspension back - including me) understand that Tesla sets goals not deadlines.

Tesla removed air suspension because of the fires. Believe it or not, they've stopped. The fact that they can fix car fires with an over the air update is ludicrous. It just makes me sit and think holy *&!% they can make my car safer with some software.

Tesla set the goal of having the software out by January, I also bet that they expected to have a usable report to work with to determine the best ways to use the air suspension. While I do want my Air Suspension lowering back its important to see the positive effect having it removed (albeit temporarily) has had. I want it back, I want it back now. But I can't help but understand that creating a safe car is more important that 5 miles of rated range.


I want to set and keep it high most of the time. Bloody crappy Brussels roads...

No, he was deploring the tendency to sacrifice security to witless pressure from the marketing doinks who think that capitulating to whiners is the way to appease and please the market. The SDTs the world get used to this, and then demand it. Pathetic, really. On both sides.

typo: ...the SDTs of the world ...

@admjr, indeed I was being facetious. We released when we were comfortable with the safety and stability of the application, regardless of user pressure. I am confident Tesla and other responsible regulated entities act the same way.

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