Have you seen an S on the road today?

My wife and I, waiting for our S, play a silly game: "Seen a S today on the road?" Then we look at where we saw them. So far I have the record: just 2 in a day so far. All but one were in the mid-peninsula area. One black one seen entering I85 in Cupertino. Somehow it is satisfying to me to see them showing up. None seen so far appear to be demos: no copilot. Res number P7214 with Feb-Mar est delivery.

Saw a brown MS in a strip mall on El Camino this weekend. Grocery shopping I think.

Saw a white Tesla in Gilroy (not at the supercharger) near the 101 freeway on the way back from LA, and then saw another one a block from home. However, did not see any elsewhere on this trip.

I saw 5 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday, all while driving mine.

I saw a white model S with Washington plates on Electric Avenue in downtown Portland, OR. You are supposed to park parallel to the chargers on the assumption that the charging port is on the hood of the cart, so this one was parked facing the opposite way with the trunk facing the charging station and note on the windshield explaining the "meter man" that the car needed to park that way in order to be able to charge and get back home to Olympia, WA. That is quite a commute! Only the third model S I've seen in Portland, the other two did have Oregon plates though.

BTW "Electric Avenue" is the nickname of a block of SW Montgomery St. in Portland that has a bunch of charging stations. Right in the middle of Portland State University.

I see 2-3 every day, sometimes more, here around the San Jose Airport area. Will get mine this weekend. Feels like it's all the rage here in the Bay Area. Then, the factory is just around the corner.

Actually, the blue and green ones are much nicer.

Bun fight! Bun fight!! >:p

Two days ago, driving on 295 outside of Chicago, a beautiful Pearl White MS pulled beside my even more beautiful (sorry) Metallic Blue MS. I know I'm a dork, but I felt a certain chill run through me, as if we were part of a brotherhood.

Yes, both are almost as nice as the green. But not quite. >;p

I am now seeing one or more every day in Silicon Valley. Nice to see that famous smile and often get a friendly wave. I am still being asked about the car wherever I go. I pulled in to a high school parking lot and noticed every guy near by turned from their friends and watched me park! Only one shouted out "Nice car Mister!" Great fun.

Saw a black model S on SR 528 (Beachline) this morning in Orlando FL. Blew right by me. I never stood a chance.

Saw a white MS in Flower Mound, TX last night. First one I've seen in my neck of the Metroplex.

Two on the Dallas North Tollway yesterday. One with a black frunk on a white car?!? Maybe someone used the incorrect closing procedure:)

Saw 2 others (besides mine) in Tiburon, CA now. Only saw them once, so they are still rare in the wild. But they exist (like lochness monster)!

Maybe it was a PD special ... "black and white".

Finally I can report 2 sightings of Ss in the wild. I silver & 1 green, seen today in Highlands Ranch CO. Waved & briefly talked to the nice couple from central Douglas County. The dark green Tesla was looking distracted & didn't see us wave. Good to see Tesla on the road.

At the Supercharger in Fulsom.........2 prototype Model S #24 & #56 charging and ours made 3. When they left another one shows up.......just like ours Brown. First time to see another Brown. Go Tesla!

Came out of a resturant valentines day evening to find a blue beige obeche gloss parked next to my same config. Issaquah, WA.

Our numbers are Growing!
Took a neighbor and his wife for a ride today. I was surprised to quickly find another Ms at the second intersection we entered in Atherton. Then within a mile another appeared. And yet another as we reentered Menlo Park.
Lots of light salutes. Very nice.
And neighbors loved the car. He has been a collector for many years. He favored the Ev1 over his cobras Ferrari etc and got me interested in electric cars. He enjoys his Leaf but sure discovered a possible addition to his cars.
And I was amazed to see so many Ms near my home so quickly. Course it is Silicon Valley.

Finally, my first sighting, in Melbourne, fl.. A beautiful new Tesla, black , 19 inch wheels. It was on its way to be detailed.

According to the map (cant remember what website it was on) there is ONE person with a Signature series Model S. I wish I could communicate with this person so I could check it out... :)

Whoops: One person with a Signature series IN MY AREA.

But it's a volunteer sampling only. Somewhere around 10% of actual totals?

Saw a grey/silver one Sunday 2/17 on Pacific Ave in Santa Cruz.
Then yesterday saw a black one just in front of me on PCH (Pacific Coast Hwy) near River St, I pulled next to him, we lowered the windows and had a talk while the light was red. He got his in December, and mine was the 4th one he saw in the area.

Saw a blue Model S heading north on Rt 52 out of Delaware into Pennsylvania this morning. It's my first sighting in the wild in SE PA.

Saw a black MS on Ocean in Carmel.

Saw 2 yesterday in Medina WA. One at Medina Park was a sig. red and it just the best looking car I have ever seen. To me it made a FIsker or Aston Martin look cheap. The other was on 78th Pl NE it passed by to quickly but seemed to be grey.
Were they indigenous to Medina? If so, should be seeing more of them.

This weekend I went to the Tesla Store in Washington Square (Portland, OR) to get a bunch of brochures. When we arrived I was delighted to see that all six parking spaces were taken! I went up to ask a Tesla rep if we could charge and by the time we were down one of them was gone, so we got our charge.

That's my P85 on the left, a new delivery next to it, the demo car, and two cars on a road trip charging up on their way to California. Spectacular to see so many at once.

I also spotted my first Model S while I was driving today.

Er, five. Five parking spaces. Ahem.

I saw a somebodys pimped up Volkswagen Golf today with what looked like Model S front grill. Had to stop for a while for amusement.

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