Have you seen an S on the road today?

My wife and I, waiting for our S, play a silly game: "Seen a S today on the road?" Then we look at where we saw them. So far I have the record: just 2 in a day so far. All but one were in the mid-peninsula area. One black one seen entering I85 in Cupertino. Somehow it is satisfying to me to see them showing up. None seen so far appear to be demos: no copilot. Res number P7214 with Feb-Mar est delivery.

Kill it. Hover over the logo, select Edit, and move to None Selected.

I can't believe I've only ever seen one S in the wild in Houston - but I've seen two Fiskers! What's up with that? They can't be that rare, can they?

I saw a black one in Austin a week or so ago. It looks spectacular in black, and if/when I can afford one I would trade my Volt in in a femtosecond. I even picked up a J1772 60A charger on eBay for the price of a new 30A, in case I can buy a Tesla with Envia, LiS or nanotechnology battery that's got more power in less space and cost (think 100kWh in 250kg for $6k, maybe 5-10 years out).

Seriously, I'm tempted to freeze myself like Cartman.

@StefanT and Digital Savant. That was me driving out of Logan Canyon. The car was delivered just the day before. Logan is a great place for the S. The winter air needs more EV's. Definitely the best car I have ever driven.

So I just got back from a visit to the Bay Area, and I am dissappointed to say that I expected to see way more Teslas. I didn't see a single one during a whole day spent in San Francisco!

Later, I saw a Roadster and a Model S at the Facebook campus, and I saw one in Palo Alto at night as well, but that's it.

@isom Congrats! I am here in Logan until mid-August and my S is patient waiting for me back home in MD; I check on it daily with the phone app. It is great to see an S here in Logan I hope to see it around town more often.

Here in Silicon Valley, I was walking my dog the other day with my son and we saw 7 or 8 in under an hour, either on road or parked in a driveway.

Last night, while exiting a parking garage, I ended up behind another green model S. I don't see many green ones around.

I have probably seen about a half dozen different ones in Dallas (not including the ones I saw at the service center obviously). There are 3 or 4 in my neighborhood actually. Dallas is representin' :-)

I was in Washington D.C. for a business meeting on Tuesday, and saw two Model S within 10 minutes of leaving Union Station. The first drove up the moment I walked out the door -- a beautiful brown with gray 21" wheels. I am seeing more and more of them on the road in NJ these days.

Driving in Newport Beach, I saw 4 MS today.

On my street, there are 6 Teslas ( 5 MS, 1 Roadster).

Tesla fever is catching very quickly here.

When I 1st ordered my MS back in Oct '12I never saw a Tesla on the road. Then I would spot them very occasionally when I got mine in Feb.

Nowadays, I see at least one every single day and some days several. One day a few week ends ago, I saw 3 other ones within a block or so in Laguna Beach (which seems to be a hot spot)

We're definitely getting a lot more of them in Orange County, SoCal.

Update: now I've had at least 3 sightings in Houston. A black one driving south on Durham just south of I-10, a gray one parked outside the SPJST bingo hall in the heights, and a white one turning off TC Jester onto I-10 east. The black and gray ones each had vanity plates with a variant of "ELECTRIC". Didn't get a look at the plates on the white one.

I split my work time between NASA/JSC and downtown. Last week, saw another silver Model S driving through the JSC campus while I was leaving the parking lot - and saw another silver MS parked as I was walking to lunch today near downtown. What a coincidence - because I also have a silver...

I have seen 4

A beautiful Green Model S in Westminster. I usually don't like green on cars, but the Tesla green is very dark and a mile deep. Just stunning.

A white Model S in lafayette. (I don't care for the white color).
A set of silver down near showroom in Park Meadows. Silver is my second least favorite color.

I'm still trying to decide on Grey or black when I order later this year.

Just saw a new red one with no plates going down Reston Pkwy this afternoon (Virginia). And saw a grey one in the McLean area last week. Mach, I see many black, they look great of course, but the grey is quite distinctive.

I saw a green one at the parking lot where I work the other day, it is a silvery green, I won't call it dark at all. It changes color depending on the light, I believe it looks darker when it's darker outside.
Today I saw my first new red one on the road, on hwy 17, coming out of Santa Cruz, I was going to get off, but instead I pulled next to it and we waved at each other. Still thrilling to see other Tesla's out there!

To that beautiful black Tesla Model S on the 91 freeway in Southern Cali, both going and coming back from work..

You make my drive so much better.

Ah it is a joy, having my MS, and each day having a few MS adventures! And Silicon Valley presents one to six MSs each day. Looking forward to the Menlo Park Sunday coffee tomorrow. Bring your smiles, questions, and enthusiasm.

A beautiful day driving my MS from Silicon Valley to Half Moon Bay, I was happy to see three MS (two blue and one silver) at Pillar Point. Also look forward to tomorrow's Menlo Park MS owner gathering.

Vacationing in Honolulu, HI -- saw a beautiful white MS yesterday afternoon, heading north on Kapahulu Ave by Leonard's Bakery.

While merging our Model S into the carpool lane on the 105 near Hawthorne on Friday, there were two other Teslas in our immediate vicinity - all in the carpool lane too - making for a total of three Teslas within 50 yds. Amazing sight.

I know that feeling.
Try seeing over 50 MS in a parking lot at the Menlo Park show room!
Just watching them pull in from the street was exciting. A wow kind of moment.

saw about 25 at the shareholder meeting, then a couple more on the way home.

Have seen one on the road since I ordered on April 27th. I'm hoping that the second one I see will be mine when I get it on June 17th.

A friend (female) was in San Fran last Thurs. until yesterday, and I had asked her to look out for model S. She said she looked at every car she saw hoping to take a picture of one.
She saw none.
As I drove her back from the ferry, yesterday, I asked her what kind of car her ex. drives.
She said, "A big white truck, it might be a Ford, I don't think it is a Toyota."

Just saw a pretty gray one heading south on Ridgeland in my home town of Oak Park, Illinois. When I get mine in 17 days, there will be at least three of us in town!

Silver going north on York Rd in Oakbrook. I waved from my blue one, taking the long, funner way to work this morning.

Wow! How things have changed! We are now finding MS in every parking lot we have been in for several days. The change is here! Loving it!

Being seeing 1 to 3 of them every day now.
Also saw 3 red P85+ outside a Tesla service center today.... Now I am green with envy!

I am visiting my son in Los Angeles. He claimed to see MS "every day and in quite regularly". I also read in other threads about the relative high number of MS in California, Los Angeles even. While he is at work I have spend the day exploring hoping to see a MS live. Being a Norwegian to walk is a favourite pastime :-) and the best way to experience local life. And for two days now I have been crisscrossing West Hollywood for the better part of the day; Wiltshire to Sunset, La Brea to Fairfax and even passing discretely through the parking lot at The Grove. Sad to say, I have not seen one single MS in the live so far. I have hopes for Sunday...

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