HOV, Plate, EZ pass problems solved?

As usual, TV infomercials etc. supply all needs, fix all problems. Maybe. Haven't tried this, but the any-surface grab power of InstaGrip might work for you. 877-270-6157 and $10 + 7.95 (x2 if the freebie double offer is still on) should get you a bunch to try. might also work for you, though I had Javascrip problems.

Interesting. I don't see anything about weight limits other than "anything". But their FAQ does say "Use indoors only."

They demo'ed 5 $100 bills on the hood of a speeding car, affixed by one end only. All susvived the ride. No adhesives involved. Didn't see the indoor restriction, though. Possibly CYA language to cover really wild possible uses. Dunno.

typo: survived the ride.

As soon as I see it in the "as seen on tv" section of local stores I'll have to give it a try... Could be handy!

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