How many miles have you done in your Model S?

Hi guys,
Just wondering, as some people will have had their car for nearly 6 months now, how many miles have you put on your Model S? Has there been any effect on total battery/charge capacity?
Wonder if we can find out who has put the most miles on their Model S to date?


took delivery on 12/6/2012. as of today it is at 3300 miles. and zero gas

Anyone have the 12500 miles Ranger visit yet?

If we buy the unlimited ranger and drive 38000 in one year do we only get it once or every 12500 no matter how much time had lapsed? Anyone know?

5,000 miles and 3 months and 8 days today. My standard charge capacity seems to have increased 0.4% from 243 to 244 miles. So no noticeable battery loss yet...

1800 miles in just over 2 weeks. Only reason we haven't put more on it is were in Hawaii right now...

A relative of mine just donated a vehicle that had 187,000 miles on it. It's fuel economy was 18mpg. Maybe averaged $3.35 per gallon ... So they spent over $34k.

For all those that can possibly calculate, how much money have you spent to charge your MS in order to travel all those miles you have this far?

I've got 3200 on mine. I'm seeing lots of questions about battery performance over time/miles. Here's what I've noticed so far. I got my S in October. I was initially getting around 315Wh/mi on our usual 130 mile trip to the in-laws and back. As it got colder the Wh/mi went up to the highest of 330Wh/mi. Have noticed it dropping lately. We did 605 miles on the Vegas trip and averaged 322Wh/mi really pushing the car. A few weeks ago, we did the in-law trip and got 305Wh/mi. Just now, with weather nearing the 70's we got our best yet, 290Wh/mi. That's flirting with ideal range right there! That doing 70-75 on the freeway. Even duked it out with a Fisker, if you want to call it that, but it was fun. Shut him down and gave him a thumbs up. He returned the thumbs up. Cool.
So it seems to me, so far the weather affects the range more than any degradation. My range is the best its ever been after 3000 miles. Having more fun with less anxiety every trip!

12,500 Miles in my Sig so far. No range degradation issues so far. Used the Super Chargers along the I-5 from SF to SD several times. Best road trips ever. Heard there has been some crowding problems at the charger in Coalinga, but I haven't had any.

Heard they are also building aq larger charing station in Coalinga coming soon.


Are you getting a Ranger visit or did you not buy the plan?

@drp - you can't buy the plan yet, can you?

Yes, that's starting to sound more like what the original beta testers got over many months. In daily mixed, they were reporting about 5% better than Ideal.

I've had my car for 5 weeks and I have over 5000 miles logged. These Olympia to Portland trips are gonna wear my tires by the summer.

3,000 miles over 40 days. Located in South Florida, I have averaged 335 watts/mile (and I drive it like I stole it).

I just looked at my power bill: it went up $100 (had the car the entire time span of the bill). That's 30 miles per dollar.

Keep us apprised of your effort to hit 52,000 miles in a year, OK? We'll be cheering (and egging) you on! You may want to change your handle to "odometeror"! :D

So, how many 30-mile dollars are you intending to squander this year? ;)

We just went over 8000 yesterday after receiving the car a bit over 6 months ago. The battery doesn't seem to have degraded a bit.

We've driven a couple of 800+ trips from the SF Bay area to LA/OC using Superchargers. The ONLY way to go. I can hardly wait until there are Superchargers everywhere! Right now I'd love to see some into Arizona and up into Oregon. Soon, I'm sure.

Our Roadster is almost 4 years old with almost 30K miles. The battery may have lost around 10 miles of range in that time.

Tesla's proof-of-concept Roadster and the real-car Model S are the best cars we've ever owned. And now we have no ICE cars! Heck, I don't even put ICE in my sodas!!!

4100 miles since 12/19/12 - 2 road trips: 1 OK with supercharger, second time my car wouldn't supercharge like reitmanr above.
@reitmanr - what was the actual problem? how do you know *before* you leave on a trip if it is going to work or not?!

Anyone else got update please?

3100 miles in 45 days.
The worst thing about the MS is when you find yourself forced to rent and drive an ICE. I can't wait to see more superchargers installed throughout the East Cost, so I won't have to go through this again.

3800 miles in 6 weeks - including two trip to Long Beach from SF Bay area…no problems so far.

took delivery Feb 21st - just over 1000. Small items that TM fixed via ranger visits - car has been very reliable....and is regarded as a 'rock star' by the general public who come into contact with it.

@Michael S
Just wondering is your std charge now compared when you first got the car? I'm a little bit over 11000.

4100 miles since Dec30.
We had a sc connector break early on our first road trip.One phone call to TM and TM saw that we got home safely and replaced the connector within 24 hours. Great service! We continue to love this car as do all our guests. And it still gets rock star attention, including truckers wanting to know what it is. We carry some catalogs to leave with folks who want to know more.


Sorry. Forgot to mention that TM pointed us to closest non sc station just in case. It was just behind us at Gilroy sc stations.
How do you know in advance of a problem?
My thoughts are, way less likely to have a failure than an ICE. I use the SC stations down in Gilroy when I am in the neighborhood. Using the car and its features helps reveal problems. Compared to ICE cars, very few problems. Way less complicated! Havent heard of another connector problem.

You guys won't believe me but I took delivery in late December and now have 18,000 miles. I've driven from DC to Miami & to CT. Work commute is 100miles, 5 days per week. Usually take a road trip most weekends.

No battery degradation what so ever ! I don't even worry about it any more.

We will be fine.

Non performance 85kw

Drive all you want

Of note I've only used max range 3 times and doubt I ever will again.

At 6000 miles we have found that our Rated Range has increased slightly for both a Standard Charge and a Range Charge.

I don't know if this is because of a tweak in the software or because the batteries are now all balanced and conditioned.

We saw a noticable increase of range in the first weeks of ownership last winter that we attribute to the batteries getting conditioned and balanced. Maybe the more recent subtle increase in range that we are seeing now is due to warming weather.

No Supecharging. Infrequent Range Charges. Routine driving habits with a few extra road trips. We haven't done road trips just for the sake of fun and adventure for years. Road trips are fun again.

4500 miles a month! Keep that up and you'll need the extended warrantee/service contract by next December. As the test engineer told me, Tesla has produced a battery marvel, a miracle. Breaks all the molds and "rules of thumb".


I doubt I'll ever Range charge again because I've found I really don't need to !

Enjoy the ride !

We are coming up on 13K since the end of August.

4500 miles since March 6 (about 11 weeks). I have taken it to/from Reno-Sacramento-San Francisco several times. No problems, and no discernible decrease in charge levels.

I've had my MS since February and I just cracked 8k miles! I knew I had a long commute, but MAN those miles are coming quick! No battery issues at all. It's still the best car ever!

How many of you folks have replaced the tires yet? Did they wear evenly or unevenly? Thanks.

i'm at 9000 miles.

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