How Much did You Spend*

I have never Purchased a car, I have always LEASED* so pardon my dumb questions.

I am getting ready to order an MS85

The car is costing me $90,820

the financing option breaks down like this :

$90,820.00 (tech pkg, glass roof, twin charge, rear seats)

x15% down = $ 13,623.00

=$77,197 financed*

@ 2.95%

=$1,171 / mo.

My expected gas savings/ month = $ 250.00 (since .15kw the tesla will cost me probably 100$ in sdge fees)

True cost of car = $ 921/month* this is important to know , cause if your about to lease an E class or a 5 series bmw, the payment will be 650 easily, so when you factor in 300$ in gas, you pretty much should of just got a tesla and really wow'ed yourself.

now I know of the 13,623 We get 10k back in CA so that is great , but how about the sales tax? did tesla allow you to finance that ?

Anyone in CA who purchased an 85kw with 15% tell me what their total monthly payment is ?

thanks for the help

My purchase is almost exactly same as yours. There's a tax and license calculator on the DMV website. The 15% down for Tesla financing is on the price before tax and license, you have to pay both. So my numbers, roughly, are:

Car $91k, tax and license $7 k, total $98k.
Financed $77k, down $14k, deposit $2.5k, due at delivery $18k. Payment $1.1 k

If you finance outside of Tesla, you may be able to finance the purchase with tax and license included.

In 2-3 months California rebate of $2.5k, federal tax credit of $7.5k appears on tax return next year, but could be applied in advance to estimated taxes if you feel comfortable with that and it fits your situation.

Hope this helps.

I didn't read too closely, but I think you subtracted your gas savings from TMS plus added it to the ICE comparison. You can't do both and still get credit for your work.

Awesome thanks for the break down -

Did tesla have your financing approved before or after the car came


Long before the car came. About three days after I finalized and about 24 hours after completing the finance application.


I'm in same boat. To clarify your breakdown (thanks!) -- you're saying that you wrote one check for $2,500 (deposit), another for $18k, and that was it, right? (Aside from monthly payments, obviously).

Or are you saying that you paid $2.5k deposit, $14k down, and then another $18k at delivery?

Taking delivery this week.

MS 85
Price $93,520 plus tax and lic. (Calif) ($10K tax credits will effectively reduce this amount)
Down pmt. $2500 + $15964 = $18464
Wells Fargo TM financing- 60 months x $1484 / 2.24%
Guaranteed buyback= $44685

Plan to pay it off as soon as able while preserving the buyback option.

Hope that helps.

Bighorn is right.
Check your math, Chooch ;-)


Actually, I was thinking of buying a dual-turbo Hummer, so my Model S turned out to be free.

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