HPWC, Mobile connector guide & French Language Manuals available

Go to the Manuals link on your my tesla page or

I didn't find any mention about 3-phase charging :(
Well, I don't speak french so maybe that's the reason, but still I'd expect "3-phase" is same/similar in all languages...

I am dissapointed so far...

The HPWC guide shows how to wire it using 2 of the 3 phases when they are wired in a Wye or Delta configuration. If you don't have one of those, you may be out of luck, as it does mention European power systems so this is probably the install guide for everywhere.

Jolinar, I presume the French manual is not intended for France/Europe. It's for the French-spoken community in Canada who couldn't car less about 3-phase charging.

oh... didn't think about that, sry, my knowledge of Canadian communities is reeeally poor :)

This is exciting news for our Canadian friends! One more thing on the punch list before cars can be delivered.

The province of Quebec is mostly francophone, and all docs must be French there, and French must be available cross country.

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