Hi all - live in Illinois. What is the going rate for current owners in terms of car insurance for the Model S? Thank you in advance.

The (reverse) wages of sin‼‼

Multiply the miles you were speeding by the mph over the limit you were (on average). Divide that number into the extra insurance you will pay for the next 5-10 yrs. That is the cost per 1 mph speeding for 1 mile.

$344 for 6 months state farm

@skystream -that is fantastic. I get my car next week, and have been with State Farm for 32 years, and when I asked a few months ago for a quote they said "we have no idea". Is there a way I could have my SF agent contact yours? If you don't mind, then feel free to email me at

People, to compare oranges to oranges, you need to state your coverage and deductible and then the premium, otherwise, someone can have a low deductible and a high premium, or a high deductible, and thus a lower premium... your age and where you live also matter, multi-car discount, etc, there are many factors. but in any case, @skystream3.7, if you have good coverage and deductible, your rate is excellent! Envious.

I'm over 50, excellent record, multi discount etc and its 600 for 6 months in Illinois wi American Family for me.

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