Invitation to Configure

For those of you keeping track, I got my email today.

Res# RN318184



This happened a little quicker than I thought.

As has already been mentioned, when they announced the price increase they said that everyone who reserved under the old pricing would be asked to configure no later than February and would keep the old pricing if they finalize the order shortly after getting the invitation.

They have also said they expect to finish out everyone who reserved in 2012 by summer.

So, I doubt even those getting configure emails will get their car that much earlier (though it is possible if there are lots of 40kWh orders, people getting 60's with air suspension and not red might get in March if those are delayed any more.

If you have received an invite to configure recently, please list it here. Thanks.
I am #18,515 and want to see how close I am getting to configuration time.

On 1/21, I finalized a 40kWh with standard suspension in Red and received a delivery window of May-June. There may be a large backlog of orders in Red.

Oh yeah, I'm 15,119.

Those Resn #s sure are moving fast, although I think my car will probably not be ready until summer.

I think Tesla is doing the right thing, business-wise. Get all the orders confirmed and optimize their production process.

Saves them on costs, possibly improves quality by building many of the same configuration, and helps with their bottom line.

Hopefully this will make the company profitable sooner and we will have a great electric car company for decades to come.

@Gibren: I'm Res# 17328 and got my invitation to configure 9 days ago on Jan 16th.

Reserved 2012-12-19
Invited to configure 2013-01-22
Test drive is scheduled for 2013-01-28 in Bellevue, WA.
I hope there's not much traffic.

David 15, that was quick for your configuration. I saw the 15000's were being invited back then, but not 17000's. I wonder if any other 17000's invited to configure yet?

Yeah, that is weird. I saw #17,015 got his invite on the 24th, but #17,328 got it 5 days before that and a bunch of others in the 16,000's? Kind of good for me either way (#17,5xx) :).

17,402 and haven't heard anything YET- but it's not for lack checking...

Big Tex, keep checking and let us know please :) thanks.

Finalized #16090

Model S 85Kw
Obeche Gloss
Active Air



As to your query about the 17,000s, I had posted earlier that my Res #17035 received a configure email on Jan 24th night (was reserved Dec 28th)

Hope this helps.


expecting April/May

@david15 - when did you reserve?

I reserved on the 30th and am 17295, so looks like I got missed. I received one note from Tesla so I don't think their emails are going into spam folder... :(

#17389, Just received "Invitation to Configure" !!

So did I :)

#17,402- you guys are killing me.

#17314 got the finalize button!

#17,155 and just got the "Invitation to Configure". I reserved on December 28, 2012.

Big Tex;
They're going to skip you until the summer. Just because.

Brain- I hear BC is nice the time of year you're getting yours- I'm planning my trip.

@cb9: Reserved Dec 30, also. Must have been a few minutes after you. Congrats. Glad you got your invitation to configure. I'll give you a thumbs up when I see you on the road.


Reserved - 12/30
Invitation to Configure email - today! 1/28

As dockt pointed out, there doesn't seem to be any numerical sequence. I wonder if saved designs has anything to do with it. I was bouncing around a 60 to 85.

Other possibilities are location...Westchester county, NY store reservation. Live in CT.

What did other people have saved?

Congrats on all those invites to configure! Looks like yours is coming soon Big Tex. Let us know. I reserved on Jan.21 and got #18,515, so just waiting to see what happens.

Big Tex, I'm in the same boat. 17516

I do believe it's due to the battery choice and possible multiple runs of the same type of car. This is good news everyone. Maybe we should start a thread, or rename this one?

Anyone today with configuration invites?

#17,527 and just got the invitation to configure a minute ago, 2:25pm EST.

#17,402- Got mine 11:23am PST. MyTesla page looks mighty fine with the "Finalize" button.

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